Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Those Of You With Daughters...HopeChest Magazine Being Revived

HopeChest magazine nurtured hundreds of young women to Biblical womanhood by creating a haven of fellowship and beauty. As a new season begins in the lives of all its readers and staff, fifteen “HC girls”--plus many others on the sidelines—have begun to create a new magazine for the readership who still miss the haven that HC was. Friendship and godly encouragement came through this magazine and we pray it will shine through ours as well.

If you were an HC reader, or know some others, pleases pass this information on to them so that they can subscribe or join in filling its pages, and most of all reconnect with old and new sisters in this haven of fellowship and beauty. This as yet unnamed magazine will release quarterly with the first issue due out this fall. For updates you can visit the brand new blog: HC Revives http://www.pursuebeauty.blogspot.com or email us at pursuebeautymagazine@gmail.com.

We need writers and we need subscribers but most of all we need people who will help us spread the word that HC is, in a new form, "back." Can you share this with your old HC friends? And please forward this on to anyone you think might be interested. Feel free to write or call whenever. :-) Would you let me know whether or not this is something you would be interested in?

Trusting His Mercy,
Natalie (Nyquist) Ference

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