Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Book Review: Biblical Minimalism by Cheryl E. Smith

Back in 2021 I promised to read, and do a book review, for a gal I met online. Her name is Cheryl Smith and the book I promised to read and review is called Homespun Devotions - Volume 1

Before Cheryl mailed the book to me she asked if I'd also be interested in reading and reviewing her first book Biblical Minimalism. Of course I would! She mailed both books to me right away.

Of course, I had the best of intentions when I agreed to read and review the books and was thrilled to get them when they arrived, but, sadly, with being in the throes of grief after my husband's death, I laid the books aside and forgot all about them. 😢
That is until recently when I got an email from Cheryl looking for my past reviews and announcing her latest book, Homespun Devotions - Volume 2! Oh. my. word! Here she was announcing book THREE and I hadn't even started reading book ONE yet, let alone posted a review! I felt so bad! 

I sent Cheryl an email of apology and promised to pull the books out and get started on reading them right away. She assured me that all was well and that there was no need to be sorry, but I was...and, since she's ready for reviews on Homespun Devotionals - Volume 2, I probably should have started with Homespun Devotionals - Volume 1, but didn't. I started with Biblical Minimalism - Following Jesus From a Life of Abundance to a More Abundant Life and I'm so glad that I did! It was just what I needed at this particular time in my life!

Biblical Minimalism is a book about, not only overcoming overloaded schedules, overwhelming debt, and being enslaved to excess physical possessions, but it's about breaking free of worldly (and sometimes self-imposed) expectations, putting God first in every area, and discovering His plan and purpose for your life.

The thing I liked most about this book is that, as Cheryl shares her own family's personal story of finding the freedoms that they've come to enjoy in every facet of life, she stays vigilent and true to scripture, constantly reaffirming and backing up every word she has to say with it. She also offers a lot of practical advice, as well.

This book helped me regain my perspective. I found, without doubt, that my husband and I were on the right track and had already achieved many of the things Cheryl discusses in the book. I found that, in my own situation, it's just a matter of keeping my eyes on Jesus and, no matter how frightened I get at times, to just keep moving forward, fine-tuning as I go, as I seek to find God's will for my life in a new season.

I'm very thankful for this Cheryl for writing it and sharing it with me, and to God for His perfect timing and allowing me the opportunity to share it with you. I pray that, should you choose to read it, that Biblcial Minimalism will minister to your spirit and soul as deeply as it has my own. 

Biblical Minimalism is 213 pages long and has 16 chapters. Chapter titles include For His Name's Sake, Why Do We Have So Much Stuff?, What Do We Really Own Anyway?, Putting God First, Don't Look Back, Shaking The Dust Off, and Some Practical Advice. 

In all honesty, next to the Bible Itself, this is one of the best books that I've read.

I'm getting ready to start Homespun Devotions - Volume 1 now and will post a review for it when I am finished. In the mean time, please check out Cheryl's website and all of her books by clicking on the links below.

Cheryl's Website:

Cheryl's Books - 

Until next time...

P.S. - I will be doing a Biblical Minimalism book giveaway soon, so be watching for it! 

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  1. Sweet friend, your kind words brought tears to my eyes. How I thank you for doing this review, and all glory to Jesus if our story encouraged you. Much love and gratitude to you.🙏❤


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