Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits

Good morning! It's the last day of February and, even though spring doesn't officially arrive for another three weeks, it is putting on quite a show here in southwest Missouri! It's sunny and 65 degrees at the moment, but the high today is supposed to reach 72.

The daffodils are in full bloom and the robins are back! 

Amber met me at the vo-tech school in Lamar yesterday where I dropped my car off to be worked on. It needs an oil change and it's annual 'spring check-up' just to be sure that everything is ship-shape and ready for summer travel. They have always done a good job and the labor charges are mininimal.

While we were out and about we met Patrick for lunch at Subway. Afterwards, we went to Walmart where we ran into some fantastic deals! The biggest one was 2 1/2 pound bags of chicken tenders (regularly $13.96) marked down to $2.00 per bag. When questioned as to why so cheap they said they had way too many of them and just needed to get them cleared out. I bought four bags, so ten pounds of chicken tenders for $8.00, with a savings of $47.84. Not bad! 

I also got a package of pork thick chops on markdown and the winter house slippers that I prefer were on markdown for $1.00 a pair. I bought two pair. 

While I'm thinking about it, today is the last day to enter the book giveaway. To get your entry in click HERE. A winner will be selected tomorrow. 

Well, I suppose I should get on with my day. I want to spend as much time outside today as possible while it's nice. I think I need fresh air and sunshine more than anything else right now. You have a nice day and I'll see you again soon!

Until next time...

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  1. That is how I feel when it's so nice out. I wanna get out there and work and/play. Love that your daffies are up. Ours not yet. Soon though. And soon the peepers will peep. I love that.

    1. Spring peepers and a few other varieties of frog are singing here and the cat dragged in a leopard frog the other night! Dropped it right in the middle of the kitchen floor! Believe you me! I got it right up and right back outside! Not cool! It's good to hear them singing though! <3


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