Thursday, February 9, 2023

Thursday Things - February 9, 2023

It's Thursday morning and I've got to leave for work shortly, but, since I had a few extra minutes, I thought I'd share them with you while I finish my tea.

How's your week been? Mine here has been good. I've managed to stay busy with a variety of projects, including getting those greeting cards sorted and organized.

I told you all at the beginning of the year that I probably had enough greeting cards, tissue paper, wrapping paper, gift bags, and tags to open my own gift shop, and I wasn't kidding. It feels so good to have all that stuff sorted and organized. I will save a ton of money this year by 'shopping' out of my own stock instead of purchasing more of what I've already got.

In addition to that I've done quite a bit of cooking and baking, reading,'s almost time to leave. I better be going. 

You all have a nice day and a great weekend and I'll be with you again soon. 

Until next time...

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