Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday Night Catch Up, Recipes, and More

It's been a busy week and weekend here and I've not had a chance to do much of anything on the computer until tonight. I could have saved any updates for tomorrow morning, but I felt like writing and unwinding. How are things going on your end?

Wednesday evening several of us got together to celebrate Burn's Night and my cousin's birthday. No birthday cake, but Amber's Scottish shortbread was delicious! 

Scottish Shortbread

For those that are interested in learning more about Burn's Night or obtaining some traditional Scottish recipes click HERE; for my recipe for Scottish shortbread click HERE.

Thursday morning Angie and I went for a drive through the park before enjoying breakfast at Mary's. We saw a few things of interest along the way, including the bison, but our biggest nature find of the morning was a pair of trumpeter swans swimming on the city lagoon. They were so beautiful!

Trumpeter Swans

In addition to working my regular hours at work this week, I participated in deer survey's on both Friday and Saturday nights. While out and about the boss and I saw deer, yes, but we also saw several other creatures of the night including cotton-tailed rabbits, two skunks, an armadillo, a raccoon, a coyote, and several short-eared owls. It was so much fun! 

Short-eared Owl

I had complany for lunch after church today, but the afternoon and evening has been quiet. I'm still battling broncitis or something so am thankful for a little down time. I've watched a few episodes of Relative Race and just rested. It's been a good day. I will post my to-do list and menu plan tomorrow.

Until then...

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