Friday, January 13, 2023

Friday Hodgepodge - January 13, 2023

I can't believe that another week has flown by and that it's Friday again already! Good grief!!!

I had every intention of coming back in here to share throughout the week, but it just hasn't happened. 

And, yes, before I get too far into this post, I changed the name of my blog back to what it was originally. Am I crazy? Maybe a little, but after I did it, it just didn't feel right, so I changed it back. And I'm sorry. Just bear with me, please. I'm still trying to find my way after my husband's death and it is only by trial and error that I'm figuring things out and determining where everything fits in my life now without him. It's hard.

Okay...upwards and onwards! 

Monday and Tuesday were spent making headway in the Van Gogh room. I'm still not done with it, but I've made a huge dent. Now it's down to simply sorting through stacks of papers, books, and correspondance. In the process of cleaning, I've discarded a full bag of trash and pulled out three Walmart sacks full of stuff to be dontated. I'm not in a huge hurry to get this project done, but I would like to have the room cleaned and organzed by the end of the month.

I'm doing well with the winter food challenge. I have finished up a lot of previously opened packages (bacon bits, croutons, bread sticks, sunflower seeds, etc.) and have made a bit of a dent in the freezer and deep-freeze. As time goes on things will get harder and more creative, but, thus far, mealtime remains pretty normal. 

Wednesday was daughter, Amanda's, birthday and, also, daughter-in-law, Nicole's. Nicole and I were going to go out for lunch here in town, but, then, plans grew and it ended up that half the family met up at Butler and ended up celebrating both birthdays at once. It was a lot of fun! 

After lunch we went our seperate ways. Some headed home and others chose to stick around and shop the bulk food and herb shops in town; Tony and Nicole and their family and my cousin, Dave, and I headed to the Appleton City, Missouri, Cemetery where Dave's parents, as well as my own, and several other close family members, are buried, including his sister, our grandfather, and our great-grandparents.

After we left the cemetery we headed out to the place where Dave lived (and I spent a good deal of my summers and weekends at) when we were children There's nothing there now but the driveway, farm fields and memories, but it's always good to see the old home place. 

It just so happened that, along the roadway, we met up with one of the area ranchers. He knew everyone in the world that we knew there growing up and filled us in on who had died, who was still alive, where they lived, who they married, and what they were doing now, and anything thing else that he could think of. It was really great for Dave to know what happened to friends and neighbors that he had grown up and went to school and church with.

After that we went up the road and around the corner to, once again, "touch the grave" of Mr. Williams! The mysterious L. A. Williams was born in 1806 and died in the 1880's. Childhood dares led us to run up to and "touch the grave" of Mr. Williams proving to the others how brave we were. Mr. Williams grave is all but hidden by a sprawling cedar tree now and no one would even guess that it was there unless they already knew it to be so for a fact. 

Those of us who took the jaunt to Appleton ended up back in Bulter before the evening was over and, after making a quick stop at Walmart and having supper in Nevada, finally started making our way home. It was a long day, but a good day. Thursday was spent recovering! LOL!

Now, here it is Friday and the day is getting away from me. I need to run a few errands so I guess I better be getting off of here for now. You have a nice day and a great weekend ahead and I'll be with you again soon!

Until next time...
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  1. I’m so sorry you lost your husband. I would find life without mine hard too. This is to me, one of the toughest parts about life. Thank you for sharing it with us. Which maybe sounds odd to say. Though I genuinely mean that. I feel like we each get our turn with a loved one passing and it’s worth sharing.

    Love that you have the goal of getting the room done by the end of the month. Cheering you on!

    Happy Birthday to Amanda and Nicole!

    1806 and died in 1880. Love the childhood run up and touch the grave. Silly fun like that is the best.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. To me, it was written by a writer with heart. Excellent stuff.

    Cheers, Ivy.

    1. Thank you, Ivy! Again, I appreciate your kind words. Some days are harder than others, of course, but after thirty-three years of marriage and fifty-five years of friendship, trying to manuever life without him is the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. Thanks for cheering me on in getting the Van Gogh room done and for the kind birthday wishes for Amanda and Nicole. I hope you're having a great weekend! Blessings!

  2. I didn't know you changed the name of your blog, sorry I've not been great at keeping up. Can't even imagine how hard it must be to find a new path after such a hard lost. Glad you were able to have a fun outing with family celebrating birthdays. Hope your week is off to a great start!

    1. Thanks, Jean! Yes, I'm think I'm half crazy sometimes. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it wasn't. Anyway...thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is off to a great start, too! Blessings! <3


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