Monday, January 30, 2023

Master To-Do List and Menu Plan Monday - January 30, 2023

It's the last Monday of January and, here we are, off and running into a brand new week! 

Since I gave a rest-of-the-week and weekend update last night I won't belabor the facts, but I will say, "Go Chiefs!" 

Kansas City Chief's Patrick Mohomes

I admit that I've never been a HUGE fan of football, but I do love Kansas City and I love those Kansas City Chiefs! Congratulations to them on winning the AFC Championship last night! They are headed to the Super Bowl! Woo-hoo! GO, CHIEFS!!! 

Okay...on to this week's master to-do list and menu plan. Won't you join me?

This week's master to-do list...

- Clean house
- Do laundry
- Focus on that final push to get through the sorting and organizing of the Van Gogh room (I'm almost there!)
- Figure February budget
- Go to the bank
- Go to the post office
- Pay bills
- Work

A Few of My Houseplants

This week's menu plan and winter food challenge update...

The winter food challenge continues! Last night I made homemade pizza for supper. In doing so I used up the last of the turkey pepperoni and an open bag of mozzerella cheese. I made a large pizza to be divided and frozen into eight separate meals and a personal pan-sized pizza to be eaten fresh out of the oven. I often do this using a single batch of crust resulting in a thinner crust on both pizzas, which I prefer. 

Not the pizza that I made last night, but my pizza
crust recipe can be found by clicking HERE.

I just mix up the crust and pinch off enough dough to flatten in the personal pan, then flatten the remaining dough into the larger pan. It's simple and equates into 10 slices of pizza instead of 8, so it's a dollar-stretching method, too!

I've got Good Earth Roll dough rising on the counter, eggs on to boil (to be used as snacks and/or cut up and used in salads), and the last of the sweet potatoes in the oven (I will make a sweet potato pie with them this afternoon).

Meals this week will include...

Turkey tetrazzini (roasted and chopped turkey from the freezer) served with Good Earth Rolls on the side
- Pork roast (freezer) with mashed potatoes (boxed), and green beans (canned)
- Sue Gregg's Sloppy Joes (new recipe, but have ingredients on-hand) served with fresh-cut oven fries
- Broiled salmon, baked potato, and a vegetable (canned)
- Breakfast for supper (ham or turkey bacon, eggs, and toast or biscuits)

Well...that's a look at the week ahead on my end. I hope your day is off to a great start and the week ahead is filled to the full and running over with blessings! 

Until next time...

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