Friday, December 24, 2010

Candy-making With The Grandlittles

Abby and Gianna help Grandma make traditional Christmas Eve lasagna.

The beginning of "peanut butter balls".

The beginning of "dirty snowballs".

The girls candy-coating the snowballs.

Grandma and the grandlittles making Christmas Eve candy.

The girls enjoying the fruits of their labor. They did such a good job!


  1. What are the dirty snowballs? I have heard and made the peanut butter balls. We call them buckeyes.

  2. Hi, Cindi!

    I shared the recipe for Dirty Snowballs in the December 15, 2010 issue of HEARTH AND HOME. You can click here to go directly to that post:

  3. Sorry, Cindi! Looks like you'll have to cut and paste. :)


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