Thursday, August 11, 2011

Green Grape Jelly

A few days ago I posted that, due to the fact that our grapes were shriveling up on the vine, there would be no grape jelly this year...and had the triple digit temperatures continued without rain...that would have been the case, but, praise the Lord! Just a day or two after that the heat broke and the rains came. I noticed yesterday that, even though it was true that most of our grapes were, indeed, gone, there were a few bunches here and there that survived under the shriveling leaves of one plant. They weren't completely ripe, but they were ripe enough, and, since they were, literally, falling off the vine, I decided to salvage what I could. I checked on-line and found that some recipes for grape jelly actually call for unripe grapes! On the way back from doctor appointments today I stopped in Lamar and got pectin and sugar. When I got home I picked what grapes I could salvage and, although it's not what we would usually end up with at the end of the summer, I was still able to put up a double batch of green grape jelly (green as in 'unripe'...not color...the jelly is still purple) and it tastes delicious! I am very thankful to the Lord for enabling me to at least get up a small amount of jelly for my family after all!

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