Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Minute Friday - ORDINARY

Ordinary...ordinary people...ordinary days. Ordinary...the same people...the same place...the same mundane after day after day...ordinary.

I looked up the word 'ordinary' in the dictionary and here's what I found...

ordinary - commonly encountered; usual, of no exceptional ability, 
degree, or quality; average, of inferior quality; second-rate.

Wow! "Of no exceptional ability?" "Of inferior quality?" "Second-rate?"

That kind of sheds a new light on things...doesn't it? There's nothing 'ordinary' about the people in my life...nothing 'ordinary' about my days...nothing 'ordinary' or 'mundane' about the tasks that the Lord has called me to.

Each person that I encounter is a gift from God. People...each one uniquely designed by and made in the image of his or her Creator.

My days? Each one different...each filtered through the fingers of God...each filled with precious moments and beautiful blessings from my Heavenly Father.

Ordinary? No! Extraordinary? You bet!!!

'Five Minute Fridays' are inspired by The Gypsy Mama
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  1. good for you.
    no settling here!
    love it.

  2. Ive never thought of it like that. We're always wanting to be ordinary and normal. Well like you Im glad we're not!

  3. That sure puts a new spin on ordinary!

    Sweet Autumn Blessings to you.
    God bless,


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