Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eucharisteo For And In All Things

Struggle. I've struggled for nearly decade. I've struggled trying to hang on to control of a life out of control. Struggled to fix things that I cannot fix. Struggled to overcome. Overcome what? My own limitations? Overcome things that are not up to me to overcome? I hurt. I ache. Doesn't anyone care? Isn't there anyone who understands? Yes. There's One. The Lover-Of-My-Soul. He cares! And He understands! He really does! And now I know that He does! Now...if I can just stop struggling. Stop trying to control the things that I cannot. The things that I wasn't created to control. If I can cease the struggle and offer thanks...accept grace offered...then...I will know the joy of which I seek. Thank You, Lord, for ministering to my  heart today...this week. Thank you, Ann, for writing this book. And thank you, Carla, for giving it to me. I accept the challenge and offer eucharisteo for and in all things. In Jesus' name. 

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