Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another Loss At Christmas Time

At approximately 1:00 this afternoon my beautiful and beloved friend, Robin, went home to be with her precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I talked with her just a few days ago and she told me that this was it. She said she wasn't afraid and that she was ready to go home. She said that wanted to see her dad. 

What I hate most is that I never made it down to Tennessee to see her. Ever since they moved I've wanted to go visit, but, financially, it just never worked out...and I know that if it was meant to be the Lord would have made a way, but I hate it that I never made it. At least we've stayed in calls, letters, cards, texts...each and every one precious and treasured.

Rest in peace, my dear friend, for all is well! I will forever treasure the many memories that the Lord allowed us to share...our 'backdoor' relationship, our 'R & R moments', blueberry pie and tea at midnight, homeschool field trips, burning picnic tables, backyard bonfires, all of our many chicken, calf, and cat escapades, hide and seek after dark with the children, spider sniffs, hiking trails, climbing rocks, getting lost, going in circles, and so much more. You were one of the greatest blessings God ever brought into my life. I love you so much, beautiful and beloved 'sister-by-heart'! I will see you again soon! ♥

Does anyone have any ideas of something we can do for the family long distance? If so, please, e-mail me at Thanks so much! 



  1. I'm glad I could help your heart heal. Robin is beautiful. It's obvious how much you loved each other.

  2. Yes, Robin was beautiful...inside and out...and we shared so many crazy adventures together. I'm thankful for the memories. I'm thankful, too, that the Lord brought you and I together, Laura, and that I could be there to go through all of that with you that I did. What an honor and blessing it has been and I value your friendship more than you could ever know.


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