Friday, April 26, 2013

Take A Minute To Think About The Bumblebee

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As part of my training as a Mary Kay representative, I am currently reading "Miracles Happen" by Mary Kay Ash. Thus far, I have only read the first chapter, but am already greatly inspired. I had to share this quote from Chapter 1 with you...

"If you ever come to visit Mary Kay headquarters in Dallas, you may see someone wearing a diamond pin in the shape of a bumblebee. Be assured that she is one of our top performers. Within our organization, the bumblebee has become the ultimate symbol of accomplishment. We selected it because of what the bumblebee represents for all women. You see, years ago, aerodynamic engineers studied this creature and decided that it simply should not be able to fly! Its wings are too weak and its body too heavy for flight. Everything seems to tell the bumblebee, "You'll never get off the ground." But I like to think that maybe -- just maybe -- our Divine Creator whispered, "You can do it!" so it did!"

Is that not lovely? It made me cry. How many people (including myself) have been told over and over that they can't do something...something, perhaps, that God created them to do? Perhaps it's time for us to take a lesson from the bumblebee and, despite weak wings and a body too heavy (or weary) for flight, we should just spread our wings and do it anyway!

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