Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Ramblings - 1/12/14

Good afternoon, Dear Friends! And greetings! It's been so long since I've been with you to just sit and visit a spell.

Our whole family (John and I, most of our children and grands) have been sick with one thing or another (influenza, strep, bronchitis, etc.) since the middle of December or longer and we just can't seem to get on top of it. Plus, with the super cold weather my dad's COPD has flared up something awful which has resulted in emergency room visits and more doctor appointments. 

BUT...praise God! Despite the fact that I'm extremely weak and is a good day! The sun is shining, a strong, warm wind blows from the south, the temps are in the low 60's, and I anxiously look forward to spring!

Earlier I was looking through past posts on this blog and another one that I used to have and it amazed me how ever so slowly the color has seemed to fade from my life. It seems as though, after hard times fell on our family a few years ago, I've never rebounded. The things that I once did...the things that added flavor and color and spice to our lives I no longer do, participate in, or enjoy. THAT is going to change!!! 

I am thankful for this down time. Even though we completely missed Christmas dinner and our Happy New Year celebration this year, it has given me a chance to think about the past, the present, and future. It's given me time to reflect on what (and who) is important, what (and who) is not important, what needs to be done and what doesn't. 

As I recover from weeks of illness it is with renewed strength of spirit that I look forward to a new week and all the possibilities that it holds. I KNOW that God has a good plan for my life and I KNOW that I have not been living it. I keep getting the same verse over and over again...

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33). 

I need to get back into regular, daily fellowship with the Lord, stop worrying about things that I can do nothing about, and stand strong in faith knowing that the Lord is able to make a way even in that which looks impossible in the natural.

I suppose this sounds like nothing more than incoherent ramblings to those who are reading, but there is purpose in it. If nothing else it confirms my heart in writing. 

I pray a blessing over each and every person who reads this blog today...over them, their family, their home, and their church family. May God richly bless you in all that you do and say on behalf of Him and His Word!

Love In Christ,

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  1. I think I understand. I went through some really rough times around the same time you did, too. I guess you may remember. This verse is the same one Pastor Dan Wermuth spoke about this morning. I think you're on to something friend!

    I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend.


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