Thursday, August 28, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Reach

I'm sure that many of us remember those old Bell Telephone and AT&T 'reach out and touch someone' commercials. With all the instant communication in today's world, it's kind of hard to imagine having to sit around and wait for that special someone to 'reach out and touch' us now...isn't it? Or is it?

With all the instant communication that is, literally, at our fingertips...cell phones, internet, Facebook, Twitter, would think that people would be in closer touch with one another...and they some ways. But in other ways, and I think, often times, because of the technological advances that have been made in the last twenty or thirty years...even though communication, for the most part, is instant...there is a coldness that has settled into our world...into our lives...into our relationships...and many people are lonelier now than ever before...especially the older generation. People just aren't as close as they use to be and, sadly, many no longer seem to care. What's happening to us? Because of technology are we becoming desynthesized to the world around us and those that are in it? 

Perhaps...but, thankfully, it's not too late to do something about it! If you are reading this, I'd like to challenge you to stop right now and think of someone special that you've not had a quality conversation with in a long time and to, sometime within the next day or two, to, purposefully, 'reach out and touch' them. Do it in person, mail them a special card, or take time to give them a call and tell them how you feel about them and why. Here's a list of ideas to get you started...

1. A parent or grandparent
2. A favorite aunt, uncle, or cousin
3. An estranged family member
4. A long-time-no-see friend
5. An old friend from school 
6. A former teacher
7. A former co-worker
8. Your best childhood friend
9  Someone from the old neighborhood where you grew up
10. Someone that made a difference in your life without even knowing it (Tell them about it and let them know why they're so special to you!)

These are some ideas to get you started. Now...go ahead! Reach out and touch someone! And make it count! 

Until Next Time,

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  1. What excellent advice, Rebecca! So often we forget the other's lives consist of more that what they post as Facebook status updates and we fail to look behind their rants for the hurt that lies in their hearts. I have a box of encouragement cards--now I need to settle down to write!

    1. I have a box of encouragement cards....that were written to me. I have been saving them for years. They are a great balm for the soul on sad or frustrating days. I am very thankful to each person who took the time to write one to me. Blest, you will be a huge blessing to people when you write them! Great post Rebecca!

  2. There is nothing like a home visit. I had one of those this week, with an old friend. We try to do it once a year. Four hours of just talking and sharing. Thanks for encouraging us to reach out.

  3. Great encouragement to stay in touch--for real. I know I can get caught up in a quick text and check it off as real contact, but I am thankful for real face-to-face or on-the-phone time. So much is missed in human interaction. Good words. Thanks.


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