Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NEW! Frost Flowers Unit Study

Frost Flowers
Warm days, chilly nights, falling leaves, pumpkins, and bonfires! There's no doubt about it! Autumn is here! But before long tempertures will drop, the days will grow short, and wintery weather will be upon us. Sometime between now and then (usually around Thanksgiving) the most wonderful natural phenomenea will occur! FROST FLOWERS!

While frost flower usually occur only for a short time, here in southwest Missouri, last year weather conditions were such that the frost flowers were on from early November until well after the first of the year, and I had an absolute ball observing and studying them. As a result, I wrote a unit study on frost flowers and am thrilled to be able to share it with you this year before the time that frost flowers occur comes.

The unit study tells what frost flowers are (and aren't!), explains how they are formed, when and where they can be found, and offers ideas on how to further you and your family's study into areas beyond natural science. The study comes in a printable, full color, PDF format and the cost is only $5.00.

If you and your family would be interested in purchasing a copy of my 'Frost Flowers' unity study just send an e-mail to me at proverbs31heart@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!


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