Sunday, January 29, 2017

Five Minute Friday - CONTROL

Five Minute Fridaya free write, which means, as our hostess, Kate Motaung, says, " editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. Just write."

This week's prompt is: CONTROL. 


Sometimes it seems that life is totally out of control. Things don't go the way that we would have liked for them to go or, at least the way that we thought they would, and our world is shaken.

Some days distractions come at us fast and furious from every direction leaving us mentally weary and just flat tired at the end of the day, our to-do lists undone and us too tired to care.

Maybe it's time to slow down, take a step back and look at our priorities...take a look at what we're allowing to control our lives.

In my own life, I see that, for far too long, I've been stuck between where I used to be...five, ten, even twenty years ago...and where I am right now. Hard as I've tried to hang on to the past, the truth is, where I was then, isn't where I am today and what I was doing then, isn't what I am doing now.

I am one that is very slow to accept change, but, am realizing that if there is going to be any forward movement on my part, I must accept the changes that have taken place, embrace this season of life that I'm in, and move out of the stagnancy that I have been stuck in for far too long.


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  1. Stopping by from FMF! Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you. I'm wondering what helps you on a daily basis to move out of stagnancy. What does that look like in action?

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Leigh! What has helped me most with getting out of the muck and mire that I've been in, and overcoming the stagnancy, is a return to daily scripture reading and really taking a look at where I'm at at this point in life and adjusting my priorities accordingly.


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