Thursday, June 29, 2017

Birthday Parties on a Budget

We have lots of summer birthdays in our family so I thought it would be fun to share some super fun birthday ideas with all of you here. The following ideas were taken from Emilie Barnes' 15 Minute Home and Family Organizer. Are you ready? Put your party hat on and let's go! 


* Keep the party small. A good rule to follow is invite the same number of children as the number of years in your child's age.

* Get a family member (or friend) to help (let grandparents be guests, not helpers).

* Have a backup plan for an outdoor party in case of rain.

* Use color comics for decorations and cartoon bedsheets as tablecloths. 

* Crayons make nice party favors, and kids can use them to decorate white paper tablecloths and paper plates. 

* Children's toys make good decorations: stuffed animals with party hats, a dump truck holding chips or cookies.

* Use creativity with party favors. Wrap peanut-butter play dough or homemade play dough in a plastic bag, tying it shut with a ribbon. Kids can decorate lunch bags and then fill them up as they go a candy, peanut, or penny hunt.

* Don't plan the party at mealtime; it's more expensive. From 2 to 4 p.m. is a good time.

* Plan activities, but don't expect the children to play all the games. If the kids are having fun, don't interrupt. If they're bored, bring in a new game.

* Have your cake and be able to afford it, too. If a homemade cake has frosting and the child gets to pick the flavors, he's happy. 

* Licorice, candy, or animal crackers make good sheet cake decorations.

* Don't serve blue icing, red punch, or other things that stain or make children overactive.

* Pick a party theme. Some ideas: beach party, tea party, costume party dinosaur party, frontier party, scavenger hunt, backyard camp out, detective party.

*An artist party can be fun. Get five or more large boxes for the children to paint or color and make into churches, homes, or cars.

* For children ages five to seven, try a soap bubble party.

* Invite a storyteller.

* Remember that a party for a child's first couple of birthdays is really for family and friends to celebrate a new life. The child doesn't really understand what's going on at this point.

* Don't make your children share their presents.

* Save opening the presents till the end. It's a good way to slow down a party.

* Have a specific ending time for the party. Playing a video is a nice way to keep stragglers who are waiting for rides home occupied. Once everyone is gone, take a few minutes for some hugs and talk about the party. Save the cleanup for later.

* If some members of your family live far away or can't come to the party, make a video recording and send it to them. They will love seeing the party, and it will help your family stay in touch.


Well, that's it for this time! I hope that some of these ideas have inspired you as you think about planning your next birthday party!

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  1. I wish I'd had the storyteller idea when mine were little.

  2. Loved all these tips, there are several I wish I had known when my children were little!


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