Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Thrifty Week - Post #5

Hello! And welcome to this week's "thrifty week" post! 🙋 

What gorgeous weather we're having this weekend! The high degrees yesterday and the overnight low last night was right at 60! It's feels like a prelude to fall and I'm loving it! 🍁🍂🍁 We are supposed to get a deluge of rain later today and into tomorrow though, but, hey! I'm okay with that, too, as long as the temps stay where they're at! on to this week's "thrifty" happenings!  

- This week we were blessed with cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash fresh from a friend's garden. The cucumbers were the best cucumbers that I have ever tasted. I peeled every one of them, cut them into cucumber spears, and ate them just like that. Normally, I'm not that cucumber crazy, but these were exceptional!!!

- Later in the week I purchased zucchini and yellow squash from a friend who grows vegetables and sells them at a farmer's market. Bigger squash were 2 for $1; medium-sized ones were 4/$1. My friend threw in quite a few smaller ones that she said were too small to sell for free. I spent $10 and came out with a boatload of squash! I share several, turned most of the zucchini into noodles to freeze for the winter (I will be doing a post on that later), and the yellow squash I saved to saute in butter until golden brown and eat fresh. (I love to serve this for breakfast with eggs, or as a side with lunch or supper...especially with salmon fillets! Yum!)

- My husband and I finally used those two coupons (given to me by a visitor at work) for the free ice cream cones at Dairy Queen. The cost without the coupons would have been $5.15...but, of course...we wouldn't have stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream cones, in the first place, if it hadn't been for the coupons, so, needless to say, it was a real treat! 🍦 

- I received 250 bonus points on my KickBack card as a birthday gift this week (my birthday isn't until later in the month, but they sent the points this week). That was totally unexpected and I'm thankful! A few more points and I will have enough to get a free tank of gas!

- I also received 40 extra birthday minutes from Tracfone when I added 120 minutes minutes to my airtime card, which was great, because it was time to add minutes anyway. 📞

- AND I received a $5.00 off birthday e-mail from McAllister's on my next visit. The offer expires August 31st, but I'm sure I will use it when I take my friend to chemo on the 15th. She and I both love going to McAllister's! The food is delicious and the girls that work there are so good to us! 💓

Well, that's it for the "thrifty" happenings here this week! Remember..."A penny saved is a penny earned!" Little things done consistently add up to big savings over time! 

Until next time...

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