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Happy Homemaking Monday - February 19, 2018

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Happy Homemaking Monday!
Good morning, Sweet Ladies! Happy Monday! πŸ’— And Happy President's Day! πŸ’—

I trust that you and yours had a great rest of the week last week, and a wonderful weekend, and are now ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead with gusto in another brand new week! 

Our past week has been busy and filled with good things. Our grandson, Jed, celebrated his 5th birthday on Monday. 

On Tuesday my sweet friend, Natalia, came over and taught our oldest daughter and I and the grands how to make her native Brazilian brigadeiros (they are sooooo good and my husband absolutely loves them!!!)

Afterwards, Natalia and I headed to Joplin to do some sightseeing and exploring. We visited the Audubon Center at Wildcat Glades, took a hike at Walter Woods Conservation Area, and visited the Grand Falls among other things. We had a good time and made some great memories!

Natalia and I at Joplin's Grand Falls
Wednesday, of course, was Valentine's Day. John and I delivered Valentine's to the grands that hadn't already received theirs and, that evening, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a quiet candlelight dinner at home. It was nice. πŸ’—

The flowers that were delivered from my husband
on our anniversary and Valentine's Day. πŸ’—
On Thursday I finished the last book in my current unit of studies at Rhema and took the test. I am anxious to get started on the next unit. It is the next to the last.

I worked Friday and Saturday. Then, Saturday evening, we were blessed to have long-time, and very dear, more-like-family-than-friends surprise us with a visit. We had supper together and visited for a few hours before they had to head back, but what a wonderful time of blessing and sweet fellowship! 

Yesterday morning we had a good service at church, then, in the afternoon, our youngest son and his family came and we got to hold and love on that new grandbaby. And, let me tell you, she is absolutely adorable! πŸ’—πŸ‘ΆπŸ’—

Kira Niomi Faith

Well...that's it for last week. Let's get right on in to this week's post, shall we? 😊

Right now I am...

I am finishing up breakfast and having a cup of hot tea while I work on this post.

On the breakfast plate...

egg and sliced turkey on toast and hot tea

The weather...

Right now it's overcast and 65 degrees. Thunderstorms are just to our west and should be upon us within the hour. They are expected to last throughout the afternoon, into the evening, and overnight. The rest of the week doesn't look too bad (temperature-wise anyway...40's, 50's, and 60's for the highs), but there is the possibility of rain almost every day of the foreseeable forecast with little to no sun. BUT...spring is officially only a month away and, at this point, I'll happily take the rain over snow and ice any day...and I LOVE winter! πŸŒ·πŸ€πŸŒ·

On my reading pile...

In addition to daily Scripture reading, I am reading Staying Positive In A Negative World by Kenneth W. Hagin, Walk the Walk - Getting Fit with Faith by Leslie Sansone, and Live Long, Finish Strong by Gloria Copeland. 

Staying Positive In A Negative World by Kenneth W. Hagin
Walk the Walk - Getting Fit with Faith by Leslie Sansone
Live Long, Finish Strong by Gloria Copeland
Life in the Spirit Study Bible - King James Version
On the menu this week...

Monday - leftover Guatemalan red beans and rice and asparagus
Tuesday - taco salad
Wednesday - grilled salmon and oven-roasted vegetables
Thursday - bison burgers (or meatloaf), baked potatoes, and steamed broccoli
Friday - chicken, rice, and oven roasted carrots
Saturday - homemade pizza
Sunday - leftovers

On my 'to do' list...

- Monday - Plan the week ahead, weekly "home blessing", laundry 
- Tuesday - Get together with my friend, Carla, make edible owl pellets for tomorrow's programs
- Wednesday - Preschool programs at library (owl pellets)
- Thursday - Work
- Friday - Grocery shopping and day out with dh
- Saturday - Work (nature bingo)
- Sunday - Church

In the craft basket...

Edible owl pellets (for Wednesday's programs)

Looking forward to this week... 

Having Friday off work again this week! I NEVER get Fridays off, but this is TWICE in one month! 😁

From the camera...
Photo Credit

While out and about on Tuesday, Natalia and I had ice cream at
All Aboard Ice Cream at Redings Mill. What a wonderful place!
The ice cream is made fresh right there in the back of the store and
is made from all-natural (or as close to all-natural) ingredients
as possible and it's soooo good! 

The best part is, once you get your ice cream, you get to enjoy it
in this old, original Kansas City Southern railroad postal car.
The inside of the car features a dining area...

and a play area for the youngsters, as well as old photographs
and a bit of railroad history.

Photo Credit

It's interesting to see the names of all the towns that the mail car delivered mail to.
Scripture passage...

Well, Ladies, that's it for this week! I pray that each and every one of you have a blessed week ahead and that all goes well for you and yours in every area of life!

Until Next Time...

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  1. You seem to have had a lovely time visiting with your granddaughter. Happy anniversary to you and your husband.
    That 'new' granddaughter is adorable!
    Have a great week

    1. Natalia is not my granddaughter. She is my friend from Brazil, but, yes, we had a lovely visit. Thanks for the anniversary wishes and, yes, the new granddaughter is an absolute delight! Have a blessed rest of the week and a great weekend! <3

  2. We have our b cancer support group meeting at All Aboard. Great ice cream! 🍦
    Congrats on your new grandlittle! Adorable! You've been so busy!
    Hope to see you soon. Week 6 of radiation. God bless you!

    1. That's awesome, Laura! I love All Aboard! Have you tried the mixed berry ice cream (I forget it's proper name), but it's delicious! It has fresh blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries in it. Natalia and I each had one of those cones with the edges dipped in chocolate with chocolate ice cream on the bottom and the berry on top and oh my! It was sooo good! Thanks for the congrats and, yes, extremely busy! Will see you soon, my friend! It's hard to believe that you're already six weeks in to radiation. Stay the course! Love you! <3

  3. That baby! So sweet. I love Leslie Sansone's DVDs, didn't realize she wrote a book. One last thought, I'm afraid to ask...edible owl pellets? No chocolate mice? LOL! Glad you had such a wonderful week last week and hope you have an amazing week ahead as well.

    1. Thanks, Jean! Yes, I love Leslie's DVDs, too. Have walked off and on with her for many, many years and, yes, she has several books and journals and things like that. Check them out on Amazon. LOL! And, yes, edible owl pellets. We will be pulling apart real ones and I've made edible ones for the children to take home. They're made out of crispy rice cereal and chocolate chips with a sugar/corn syrup/peanut butter sauce poured over it (the chocolate chips melt and all of this...the melted chocolate chips, cereal and chunks of peanuts in the peanut butter...represent the "fur" and provides an authentic texture); things like whole peanuts added represent small animal skulls, etc. Then chopped pieces of a white candy bar are added to represent bones. The kids love them! :) Have a blessed rest of the week, my friend, and a great weekend! <3

  4. Love your photos - sounds like you had fun! The Brazilian brigadeiros look great. I will have to investigate that recipe. Happy Anniversary! HAVE A GREAT REST OF THE WEEK>

    1. Thanks, Tamy! There are many, many ways to make many variations...and they are so good! If you end up making some have fun experimenting. Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Have a blessed rest of the week and an awesome weekend! <3

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous baby! I love working out to the Leslie Sansone DVD's. I didn't know she had a book. I'll have to look for it.

    Have a great week!


    1. Thanks, Colletta! She is an absolute delight! I love Leslie's DVD's, too, and have several. She has several books and journals out as well. Just check on Amazon. Have a blessed rest of the week and a great weekend! <3


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