Thursday, March 22, 2018

Passion Week - Jesus' Final Week (Reading Schedule)

As Passion Week approaches I am reminded of the many in-depth Bible studies that our family has done throughout the years concerning the "final week" in Jesus' life and all that it entailed. Here is a reading schedule that our youngest son and I followed several years ago that covers the Triumphal Entry through the Resurrection. My plan, starting this Sunday (Palm Sunday), is to follow this schedule myself as I focus my heart and mind on Holy Week and all that Jesus endured that final week of His life wrapped in human flesh for my sake and for yours. Would you like to join me?

Have a beautiful and blessed Passion Week!

Until next time...


Sunday (Palm Sunday) - The Triumphal Entry

    Matthew 21:1-11

    Mark 11:1-10

    Luke 19:29-44    

    John 12:12-19

Monday - Jesus Curses The Fig Tree

    Matthew 21:18-19

    Mark 11:12-14

                     Jesus Cleanses The Temple

    Matthew 21:12-13

    Mark 11:15-18

    Luke 19:45-48

Tuesday - The Authority Of Jesus Questioned

    Matthew 21:23-27

    Mark 11:27-33

    Luke 20:1-8

                        Jesus Teaches In The Temple

    Matthew 21:18-23:29

    Mark 12:1-44

    Luke 20:9-21:4

                        Jesus' Feet Anointed

    Matthew 26:6-13

    Mark 14:3-9

    John 12:2-11

Wednesday - The Plot Against Jesus

    Matthew 26:14-16

    Mark 14:10-11

    Luke 22:3-6

Thursday - The Last Supper

    Matthew 26:17-29

    Mark 14:12-25

    Luke 22:7-23

    John 13:1-38

                      Jesus Comforts His Disciples

    John 14:1-16:33

                      Jesus' High Priestly Prayer

    John 17: 1-26


    Matthew 26:36-46

    Mark 14:32-42

    Luke 22:40-46

Friday - Jesus' Arrest And Trial

    Matthew 26:47-27:26

    Mark 14:43-15:15

    Luke 22:47-23:25

    John 18:2-19:16

                        Jesus' Crucifixtion And Death

    Matthew  27:27-56

    Mark 15:16-41

    Luke 23:26-49

    John 19:17-30

                       The Burial Of Jesus

    Matthew 27:57-66

    Mark 15:42-47

    Luke  23:50-56

    John 19:31-42

Resurrection (Easter) Sunday -The Empty Tomb

    Matthew 28:1-8

    Mark 16:1-12

    Luke 24:1-12

    John 20:1-10

                           To Mary Magdalene In The Garden   

    Mark 16:9-11

    John 20:11-18

                           To Other Women

    Matthew 28:9-10

                            To Two People Going To Emmaus

    Mark 16:12-13

    Luke 24:13-32

                            To Peter

    Luke 24:34

                            To The Ten Disciples In  The Upper Room

    Mark 16:14

    Luke 24:36-43

    John 20:19-25

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