Sunday, August 19, 2018

30 Days of Summer - Post #25 - A Rainy Summer Sunday

It's late Sunday morning and the deluge has arrived. It's humid, but the temperatures aren't bad, so we've opened the house up and are enjoying the rain. 

In fact, I'm doing something that I've never done before. I've moved my laptop to the bistro set on the back porch and am writing this post from there. The rain is gently falling and each drop makes music as it hits the tin roof overhead. A fast-moving train makes it's way down the track, and through town, as it heads east towards Lamar. In the distance, a dog barks and thunders rolls unabated across the tall-grass prairie to our west. 

Outside the windows of this glassed-in structure, to the east, I can see rain drip-dropping from the eaves as it rolls off the metal roof above. Just outside the door, on one side of the exterior porch, basil grows in a pot and, on the other, the last of this year's giant, copper-colored sunflowers sway and dance in the breeze as the wind increases. 

Basil, Giant Copper-colored Sunflowers, and Cacti to the East

Just beyond that, my mother's cactus stands proud and tall in the middle of the backyard, while my dad's prickly pear crouches nearby, low to the ground, alert, and ready to jab its spiny thorns into any unsuspecting creature that might happen by.

I stepped out into the rain to capture this sunflower's face.

The rain intensifies and the storm that, just moments ago, was rumbling over the prairie to the west, is now upon us. Thunder crashes overhead and the rain intensifies. 

Next to where I sit, just outside the Plexiglas on the south side of the porch, the last of this year's yellow sunflowers lay in a tangled heap. A few still stand, but most of them, their heads heavy with seed, bend low to the ground and are entwined one around another. Some, despite their heavy burden, turn their tiny yellow faces upwards, drinking in the rain as they search for sun-rays beyond the darkened clouds; others turn their faces toward the ground, shielding themselves from the storm's onslaught. 

Looking at Sunflowers Through the Plexiglas on the South

This little one bravely faces the rain and searches
 for sun-rays beyond the darkened clouds

These little ones shield their faces from the rain, by
keeping their heads bent low to the ground.

I stepped out in the rain to capture this sunflower's face.

Lighting flashes overhead now and the storm is bearing down upon us. According to the weatherman, this system is a big one and the rain will continue throughout the day, into the evening, and overnight, into the wee hours of tomorrow morning. I welcome it. We've been dry for far too long.

That's how I'm spending this late rainy Sunday morning here in southwest Missouri. How are you spending the day where you live?

Until next time...

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  1. It's finally stopped raining here. But very good imagery construction, if I didn't already know what your house looked like that would've painted a fairly accurate description.

    1. Awesome! Good to see you here, Nicole! Thank you!!! John and I decided to take a walk in the rain at Fangorn (Lester Davis), then stopped and watched the bison for awhile. Got home just in time for sirens and tornado warnings. It's been a wild day! Again...good to see you here! Thanks for commenting! <3

  2. Send me some of that rain please. We could use a little dusting off here in Idaho.

    1. Will do my best! We've had rain most of the day (did get a small break in it for awhile) and just went through a round of really heavy rain, sirens, and tornado warnings. Didn't expect that!!! :O

  3. Not sure if it's the same system but the rain's barely started here. The weatherman said it's supposed to be cool and rain most of the week up here. Ran and did my shopping early to avoid being in the rain. Just finished making reservations for a trip out of town with my husband. And now I plan to do a little blogging, maybe contribute to the summer series a bit ;) Sounds like you're having a great Sunday with that much needed rain!

    1. In looking at the radar, Jean, it does look like the same system. We've got a slight chance of rain tomorrow, then, after that, a zero percent chance for the rest of the week. Glad you got your shopping done early. A trip out of town sounds nice. I've got a story for you that I will share later. In fact, I'll be writing a post on summer vacations...or rather the lack there-of. LOL! Will talk to you soon! Enjoy the rain! <3

  4. I've been in my garden, pulling it out and getting it ready for next year. It's been a tough year for us.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, Kristina. Hopefully, next year will be better for you. Garden-wise, this year, we've had an abundance of zucchini, cucumbers, green peppers, banana peppers, and onions. Our tomatoes have not done well. They're just now starting to ripen and they are small and have bad spots on many of them. Thanks for stopping in and thanks for commenting. Appreciate it! <3


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