Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Spring Rains and Thunderstorms Evoke A Flood Of Sweet Memories

Here in southwest Missouri we're in the midst of one of the first big thunderstorms of the season. Spring rains and rumbling thunderstorms always evoke a flood of sweet  memories in my heart and soul. 💗

When I was growing up, the first really good spring rain of the season would find me sitting in front of the screen door watching the rain, while my mother sat nearby reading Susan and the Rain by Madye Lee Chastain aloud to me.

When my oldest daughter was little, she loved Sesame Street. There was a song that they sang on there about a rainy day and we still sing it on rainy days today. It goes like this...

Soft gentle rains would put us in the mood to watch this version of Beatrix Potter's 'Peter Rabbit'...

And when the first big thunderstorm of the year hit...(for those that live in the Midwest...you know the kind I'm talking about...strong wind, torrential rain, earth rumbling thunder, and cloud to ground lightening...yes! that kind of storm)...that's when we would stop whatever we were doing, grab one of our favorite books, The Key to the Treasure by Peggy Perish, and we would sit down and read it all in one fall swoop! Today would have been that day had my children still been small and living at home. Even with them grown and with families of their own I'm fighting the urge to drop everything and read it again right now!😄

How about you? How do you feel about rainy days and thunderstorms? And how do you and your family like to spend rainy days at your house?

Until next time...

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  1. I in the south and we usually get late winter early spring lighting storms but my favorite are the summer thunder storms. They roll in fast and loud, shaking the air with their noise but you rarely see any of the lighting.

    The girls usually end up together in a room playing or sharing time together and I hunker down with a good book to read while watching the rain pour down.

    As much as I love a good storm I'm very sick of them at the moment, we had more rain than usual all winter and spring and the ground is just now finally starting to dry out.

    1. Yes, Tuesday evening we went from thunderstorms to tornado warnings. NOT FUN! I do like your description of the summer thunderstorms and of how you and your girls spend your time during them. I could almost see, hear, and feel it in my mind. It's very wet here. With Tuesday's storms came a lot of flash flooding and more storms are on the way. Blessings for a great Thursday! And thanks for stopping in! <3