Monday, May 20, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday - May 20, 2019

Good morning, Sweet Ladies! 💗 HAPPY MONDAY! 💗

I trust that you had a great week and weekend and are ready to face the challenges of a brand new week head on, unabated, and with gusto! 😉

Last week was overwhelmingly full here. I had school groups and work events scheduled almost every day, plus a whole plethora of other things going on, as well. In fact, it continues. 

By the time you read this post I will be half way through my annual pilgrimage to attend spring interpretive training for work. This is my fourth year in attendance.  For the past three years the training has taken place at Cuivre River State Park (which is absolutely beautiful); this year it is being held at Knob Noster State Park, so this will be a new experience for me!

Cuivre River
Cuivre River State Park
Spring training is a time that I greatly look forward to each year. Not only do I learn a lot and enjoy it, but my youngest daughter and I both work for the same state agency, so spring training gives us an opportunity to see each other and spend a little extra time together that we wouldn't get otherwise. For that I am very thankful!

An update for those that have been praying over our friend, Joe. He passed away on May15th. We are sad for us, but rejoice for him. There is no doubt that there was great rejoicing in heaven as he passed from this life into the eternal presence of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Please continue to remember Joe's wife, family, and friends in the days ahead. Thank you all so much!

Now...let's get right on into this week's post...shall we? Please, join me as, I link up with Sandra of Diary of a Stay At Home Mom on Happy Homemaker Monday. 💗

Right now I am...

At this moment (if this post goes out on time, as scheduled) I am most likely having breakfast in the dining hall and getting ready to start a very full day of classes. Tonight, I will present a program representative of the park at which I work for the second year in a row.

On the breakfast plate...

This year we actually got a meal schedule. This morning's breakfast offerings include pancakes, eggs, ham, cereal, yogurt, fruit, coffee, tea, juices, and milk. Most likely, I am having ham and eggs, maybe a couple of pancakes, maybe yogurt, and tea. We'll see. 🍎🍩🍐🍳🍓

The weather...

According to the forecast before I left, the high at Knob Noster today is supposed to be 71 degrees. A couple of years ago at spring training it was so chilly that we about froze to death the first night. The next morning, one of the ladies ran into town and brought back blankets for all of us that wanted them. They proved to be a real blessing the rest of the trip. I packed mine and brought it along again this year just in case. According to the forecast, I might actually need it! 😅

On my reading pile...

The Great Buffalo Hunt by Wayne Gard, Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Mother Culture by Karen Andreola.

On the menu this week...

With me being gone a good part of the week, dh will be on his own, but, he's a good cook and as long as he's got plenty of pasta on hand, he's happy (he's half-Sicilian on his mom's side...pasta makes him very happy!). 😊😋🍝😍 As for when I get home, I'll just have to see what's on hand at that point and, maybe, make a trip to the grocery store before I figure it out, so I'm not even going to worry about making menu plans this week.

On my 'to do' list...

- Monday - Spring interpretive training 
- Tuesday - Spring interpretive training 
- Wednesday - Spring interpretive training; travel home 
- Thursday -  Unpack, rest, regroup, and recover; surgery center is supposed to call to let us know what time John's surgery is scheduled for on the 28th
- Friday - Run errands, go to the grocery store, and relax as much as possible
- Saturday - Work
- Sunday - Church; supper at son and dil's

In the craft basket...

Nothing at the moment. Will catch up on my temperature afghan when I get home.

Looking forward to this week...

Spring training and spending time with my youngest daughter. 

Something interesting I watched...

The expression on little faces as they observed Clementine (my tarantula) at her educational debut at Wednesday's library program. 

Clementine's Educational Debut
From the camera...

Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers

Wildflower Bouquet That I Left With Residents of the Carthage
Rehab Center After Doing a Wildflower Program For Them
Scripture passage...

Well, Ladies, that's it for this week! I pray that each and every one of you have a blessed and beautiful week ahead! And I'll see you next week! 💗

Until Next Time...

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  1. You mentioned tarantula and I shivered lol I am so scared of tarantulas, not smaller spiders but tarantulas just do me in.

    I'm not Italian but I too am fine as long as I have pasta in the house, the possibilities are endless after that hahah

    Have a blessed week.

    1. Ha-ha! I know the feeling, Sandra! I would never have believed in a million years that I would someday adopt a tarantula, but now I love Clementine. It's the smaller spiders I don't like, especially those venomous little brown recluses!

      And, yes, if you've got pasta in your house you've got it made! LOL!

      Hope you're having a great week. Have you all gotten any of the storms?

  2. So sorry for your friend's passing. Have fun at Spring training!

    1. Thanks, Lucy! And, yes, I had a great time! Hope your week is going well! <3


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