Friday, February 19, 2021

An Unexpected Purple Blessing

Nearly a year ago I offered to share starts of purple iris with a friend from school after discovering that they were one of her favorite flowers growing up. 

She lives in Arizona now and wondered if the corms would survive the trip. I told her that I had sent starts to a friend in Texas and that they had done fine. We would try it. We dug and sent starts to her in April of last year.

Today is my friend's birthday. She sent me a message while ago telling me how excited and blessed she was to wake up to THIS this morning...

Purple Iris Blooming In Arizona This Morning

I think I am almost excited as she is! 48 of America's 50 U.S. states have snow on the ground and one of my beautiful "Aunt Linda" purple irises is blooming in Arizona! What amazing and precious gifts our Heavenly Father bestows upon us! 

Happy Birthday, Christi! 💜

Until next time,

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  1. Oh that is so beautiful!! I wish they would grow here in Florida, but they really don't. We get the wild irises in the ditches alongside the roads up here when it is wet and springtime...still a little early for them. I have a friend who was originally from Maine, and she LOVES purple irises. She moved to Florida 20 years ago and wishes she could grow them here, but they just don't work for some reason. I wish she could see this one...that is perfect!

    1. Yes...I just looked up information on that. Seems like the wild varieties do well, but not the bearded. That's too bad. If you or your friend ever want to try them again though, just let me know. I'd be happy to share. Blessings for a beautiful Saturday, my friend! <3


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