Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Summer Bucket List 2021

Spring is over and the summer season is in full swing! I've been thinking about some of the things that I'd like to do and accomplish over the course of it. I know that, in reality, I probably won't get to all of them, but having a list will certainly help me to focus on the season and remind me to enjoy it to the fullest!

Baby White Scalloped Squash Growing in Our Garden

"...ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand." 
(Luke 21:30)

1. Write my summer bucket list
2. Plan my summer menus (these will be posted weekly in my 'Master List and Menu Plan Monday' posts)
3. Wish my husband and our sons and sons-in-law a Happy Father's Day 👴 
4. Attend our youngest daughter's wedding 👰
5. Celebrate summer birthdays with the grandlittles (there are a bunch of them!) 👧🎂👦
7. Eat watermelon 🍉
8. Celebrate Independence Day 💖☆💙
9. Observe a full moon 🌕
10. Make red, white, and blue jello 💖☆💙
11. Make homemade ice cream 🍨
12. Catch a lightening bug 🐛
13. Enjoy a banana split 🍌
12. Take a vacation (even if just for a few days and is somewhere close by) 🚗
13. Enjoy the Perseid meteor shower ⭐🌠🌟
14. Get together with my friend, Dorothy, to celebrate our 60th birthdays together 🎂🎉60th🎊🎈
15. Make notes throughout the season on this year's garden and use them to help make a plan for next year's 🌱
16. Sort ministry materials and start a study schedule 📚
17. Go stargazing 🌟
18. Grill burgers on the grill 🍔
19. Take a night hike 🌜
20. Play in cool water on a hot day 🤽
21. Go camping ⛺
22. Visit a state park that I've never been to before
23. Enjoy fresh produce and herbs out of our own garden 🍅
24. Take a walk in the rain ☔
25. Visit a botanical garden 🌸
26. Start sorting old pictures and putting them into albums 📷
27. Purpose to find what I've got in the house that can be used to create an income 💵
28. Enjoy a summer storm ⛈
29. Hike a new trail 🥾
30. Host or attend a bonfire 🔥
31. Observe, sketch, or photograph at least a dozen new and interesting things found in nature 🐢
32. Collect, tumble, and polish rocks and gemstones 💎
33. Preserve what I can of the summer bounty 🌽
34. Cut flowers fresh from the garden and make a bouquet 🎕
35. Continue with efforts to go-through, use-up, clear-out, clean-up, re-purpose, recycle, and give-away ♲
36. Get my car serviced and back on the road 🚗

37. Wash, level, and reset the bird baths (and keep them filled with water) 🐦
38. Trim and de-weed the flower beds 🌼
Lay tile in kitchen, hallway, and bathroom ▩
Reroof the house (at least check into the costs of doing so and coming up with a plan) 🏡

That's what's on my summer bucket list. Now...what's on yours?

Until next time...

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  1. I love your Summer bucket list. Hope you can check it all off. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It doesn't seem like much of a priority now, but I will check off as many as possible. Thank you!

  2. You always make the best lists! I'm trying to keep a garden journal this summer though I've not been very good about keeping up with it. Hope you get to do lots of the items on your list!

    1. Thanks, Jean! My garden has gone to rack and ruin in days of late, but I do like the idea of keeping a garden journal. What kind of entries do you make in yours?


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