Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Taking An Afternoon Break

It's Wednesday afternoon and we're already halfway through the week. 

It's a beautiful day...60 degrees and sunny...and the snow is all but gone. The only place it remains is in the shade of structures and other things that have a north-facing side that shields it from the direct sun. Give it another day and, most likely, that will be melted away, too. I won't be sorry to see it go.

I got started early this morning with a variety of projects. I'm still working on cleaning, sorting, and organizing. At the moment I'm going through stuff of my mom and dad's that has been stored away since Dad passed away nearly six years ago. I'm determined to get through it all and have done with it before spring. At the end of it the whole house will have, finally, been gone through. Then, all I will have left are two sheds and the garage.

Another thing I'm working on is trying to use up fresh things in the fridge. I had a variety of fresh vegetables that needed used up, so I shredded, diced, sliced, and cut them up and mixed them altogether to make another big salad. I plan on having a big salad for lunch each day and side salads with suppers until it's gone. I will be ready to go grocery shopping by the weekend.

I had four small bananas that needed used, too. I turned them into a double batch of banana oat-bran muffins, bagged them up, and popped them in the freezer to be doled out over time. I have got to learn to shop and cook for one. It's hard. 

We've got a lot of celebrating going on in the family this week. Grandson, Dante, is celebrating his seventh birthday today, granddaughter, Kira, will celebrate her fourth on Friday, and grandson, Jed, will celebrate his ninth on Saturday. 

It's amazing how fast the grandlittles are growing up and some of them aren't so little anymore. Our oldest granddaughter is getting married in September and "the Big Three" all turn 17 this summer. Two new babies will be born this summer, as well. God has truly blessed our family!

Speaking of blessings...I went out this afternoon and discovered this blooming on the south lawn...

It's always been a race to see which would come mother's birthday or the harbinger of spring...the first bloom of the little purple crocus. Mom's birthday won out this year (it was yesterday), but the blooming of the first crocus was hot on its heels, following just hours behind. It made me quite happy to see it!

Well, break time is over and I need to get back to work. I hope your Wednesday is going well and that you and your family are healthy and happy. 

Until next time...

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