Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Little House on the Prairie Museum - Independence, Kansas (LITTLE HOUSE EVENT - PART ONE)

We acquired the tickets months ago and the day had finally arrived! Unfortunately, Aaron, was sick and unable to go with Amanda and the girls and I. As a result, twenty minutes before leaving, an extra ticket was acquired and granddaughters, Esther and Mercy, received a last-minute invitation to go along.

"Wear your prairie dresses," I advised. A flurry of activity ensued, but they were ready to go when we arrived to pick them up.

A few minutes later we were on the road and on our way to Independence, Kansas to visit the 'Little House on the Prairie' Museum, and attend a 'Little House on the Prairie 50th Anniversary Cast Tour' Meet & Greet!

At the Little House on the Prairie Museum near Independence, Kansas...

The girls in front of the well that Charles (Pa) 
Ingalls and Mr. Scott dug by hand. The well was one
of the things that marked the original location of 
Laura's 'Little House on the Priaire' Site

We met so many nice people along the way. This 
lady was one of them. She runs the gift shop at the
"Little House on the Prairie' site and had quite a
story of personal 'Little House' connections.

The cabin (reproduction)...

Inside the cabin...

Reproduction of Caroline's (Ma's) China Shepherdess

There are several other buildings that have been
relocated to the 'Little House' site. One of them is
the Wayside, Kansas Post Office.

Another is the Sunnyside School

On the Way to the Gift Shop

After we left the 'Little House' site, and before attending the Meet & Greet at the Civic Center, we stopped by the cemetery to visit the grave of Dr. George Tann. Dr. Tann was the doctor that happened along and treated the Ingalls family for 'fever 'n ague' (malaria). In reality, he probably saved their lives. Just think...if it hadn't been for Dr. Tann, the 'Little House' books might never have been written!

Well, that's it for PART ONE. In PART TWO I'll share more about the fun that we experienced at the Meet & Greet!

Until next time...

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  1. Hi Becki hope you are doing well

    1. I am doing very well, thank you! Am staying busy with home, family, and work. How about you? How are you doing?

  2. We recently stopped at the Lil House on the Prairie on our way back from a grandson's graduation. Love this time era. Bought the Little House On The Prairie cookbook! Glad you have shared your adventure! ~d from over at Home Haven Ministry/life on the prairie with d.

    1. Hello, D! Like you, I love this era, too! I grew up on 'Little House' books and, as you know, have a love for all things prairie. I was thinking about the 'Little House' cookbook last night. I haven't looked at my copy in years. Think I'll do that today. Thanks for stopping in! Congratulations to your grandson on his graduation! Blessings!


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