Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Blessings 1-3

I intended to start this on December own little advent of sorts. I'm starting a few days late, so will play catch up now. :)

Christmas Blessing #1 - 12/1/03 - Tuesday was one of the best days I've had all year. I didn't have to go anywhere...didn't have any catastrophies or disasters (big or small) the laundry done...the house cleaned...and decorated for Christmas. Was able to sit down with my husband and son that evening and watch a Christmas movie. It was amazing! Thank You, Lord, for a quiet and peaceful day!

Christmas Blessing #2 - 12/2/03 - Wednesday was another good disasters. My daughter called in the morning and invited me over for lunch. After that we spent the afternoon looking through old photograph albums and discussed a few Christmas ideas. Wow! We actually spent the day doing something 'normal' for a change. Thank You, Lord, for another good day!

Christmas Blessing #3 - 12/3/09 - Thursday - My husband got a good report from the doctor. Praise the Lord! How truly blessed we are! With all the things that have happened this year the Christmas season could have been so much different! Thank You, Lord, for Your healing touch and Your magnificent love and protection over our physical bodies!

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