Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Week and Where I've been

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

I know that some of you are wondering where I've been. Well...this week has just been crazy!

As you know, I was sick in bed all day Monday. By Tuesday I was up, but I really wasn't feeling well at all. Wednesday I was about the same. Thursday the city called to tell us that we must have a water leak somewhere because we had run 28,000 gallons more water than usual. YOWCH!!!

BUT, we didn't have time to deal with it then because an extended family member had passed away earlier in the week, and my husband had been asked to perform the funeral services. Friday we had to travel out of town and was gone, literally, all day, not arriving home until late.

By yesterday, we had to go grocery shopping. We have done relatively well on the freezer/pantry challenge, and I definitely used up a lot of things that I probably wouldn't have even thought about using up otherwise. I still want to work toward cleaning up what older stuff is left, but, for me, the freezer/pantry challenge is officially over. I was pretty much down to basic supplies, and it was time to restock the good stuff...which I will be sharing more about that in just a bit.

Anyway, I wanted to fill everyone in and let you know why I haven't been posting. I will be with you all again soon. God bless!


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