Friday, May 6, 2011

Another "Little House on the Prairie" Laundry Day

Laundry Hung In The Early Morning

I know we've had this "Little House on the Prairie"/laundry discussion before, but having grown up on Laura Ingalls Wilder books and, now, after living on the tall-grass prairie, not all that far from where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived during her "Little House on the Prairie" time, I can't help it. There are just certain things that trigger a thought, or a quote, from one of Laura's books, and this was just such a morning.

When I went out to hang my towels, the morning sun was streaming in deep angles from the eastern sky spilling out across the lawn. Naturally, I was bare-footed and the grass was wet and cold as I made my way to the clothesline. Immediately, thoughts raced through my head..."dew", "wet", "chill", "grass", "clothes", "dry"..."Laura"!

My mind was filled with swirling thoughts of the Ingalls family living their lives on the prairie...Pa bringing water up from the creek for Ma to wash the family's clothes in, Ma washing the clothes in the tub and laying them out on the grasses to dry, Laura and Mary running barefoot through the prairie grasses...taking simple pleasure in God's magnificent creation...a meadowlark flitting up from the grasses in front of them , the song of the little yellow-breasted "Dickie-bird", the beautiful prairie flowers (Indian paintbrush, birds-foot violet, and prairie phlox are in bloom right now) and the jackrabbits with their long ears flopping as they bounded away over the blowing grasses.

How many of those simple pleasures I've experienced myself over the years since moving to the tall-grass prairies of Missouri!

After hanging out my laundry, I came in and looked these quotes up from a couple of Laura's books...

"In the mornings they ran through the dewy, chill grass that wet their feet and dabbled the hems of their dresses. They liked to splash their bare feet through the grass all strung with dewdrops..." ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder from On The Banks Of Plum Creek

"How beautiful the prairie was in the spring! The blue cornflowers waved in the wind, meadowlarks flew singing up into the sky, and the dew sparkled on the grass. How cheerful it made everyone feel!"  ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie

Now, as the sun moves higher and the soft prairie winds begin to blow, it's time for me to get on with my day. I pray God's best over each and every one of you. I pray that each of you have a beautiful and a blessed day!

All My Love,

Laundry Later In The Morning


  1. I love hanging clothes on the line, they smell so so good when they come in. Brings back wonderful memories of childhood too. I love the Little House books too!

  2. Oh, I love this, Rebecca! It's true that the whole series of book really gets a grip of you. Soooo, you're in Missouri...? How wonderful :)

  3. I am! And if you ever make it over here to visit, and can make it to the 'Little House' sites, I would love to meet you somewhere for lunch or something. Thanks for commenting! And have a blessed day! :)


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