Thursday, May 5, 2011

RESHAPING IT ALL 65-Day Challenge

As most of you know, I recently gave away a copy of Candace Cameron Bure's (along with Canadian co-author, Darlene Schact's) new book Reshaping It All. It's a book that I've read almost all the way through (and I say almost because I was almost done with it when the challenge started, so now I am starting all over again...and that's okay) because I have really enjoyed it. 

Reshaping It All is not a typical diet book at all. Instead of offering fad diets and/or a big list of diet dos and don'ts, Candace and Darlene have succeeded in taking our perspective on food back to it's roots where it belongs...into the realm of the spiritual. Everything in this book just keeps taking you back to God and the value that He places on your life...back to Jesus and what His blood paid for on your behalf. It really is a good book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting their physical, as well as their spiritual, life in order or back on track.

And, on top of everything else (this is the proverbial icing on the cake), Candace and Darlene have partnered together again to bring us a '65-day Reshaping It All Challenge' to help jumpstart our success! We're in day 5 of the challenge, but it's not too late to join. To find out more click HERE.

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  1. I just started the book last night - I'm loving it!

  2. I am loving the challenge so far! Have a great great day!


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