Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrating Our 24th Wedding Anniversary

The celebration actually started over the weekend when our children got together and hosted a 
wonderful spaghetti dinner for us, but yesterday, on Valentine's Day, John and I celebrated our 
24th wedding anniversary, and what a beautiful day it was!

 It started early with this beautiful flower delivery from our youngest daughter and her husband.
 In the afternoon John and I went bowling. As usual he beat me best two out of three games,
then we went to dinner at the nationally famous Chicken Mary's.

 On the way home I rescued these beauties out of the middle of the road. I think someone
had a fight and pitched them into the roadway. I rescued all that hadn't been run over
and gave them a home with me.
 We received many beautiful cards and 'Happy Anniversary' messages on Facebook. Each
one helped to make our day special and all are much appreciated!
Happy Anniversary, Baby! Lord willing, here's to the next 24!
As the card says, "When you kiss a girl...she stays kissed!"

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