Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Words of Wisdom From My Mother

Had she still been here, today would have been my mother's 71st birthday. For me, her birthday is always a time to focus on good times together and to go back and re-glean from her valuable wisdom. In going back through old posts on my Proverbs 31 Woman Group I came across these words of wisdom from my mother concerning the importance of the personal study of God's Word. Apparently, we were going through 1 Peter on the group at the time. Here's what she had to say...

<<<<I would like to point out something here that verifies our very need
to do Bible studies like this. We are living in a very dangerous time
as far as spiritual knowledge is concerned. We have so much
information available to us today, and in general we have a tendency
to accept whatever we hear. Jesus warned that in the 'later times'
there would be wolves coming among the sheep (false teachers coming
into the Christian community) with the express intent of teaching
false doctrine in order to lead the unsuspecting (unlearned) away
from Christ. The reason I bring that up in relation to this study is
the way Peter introduced himself. He verified quickly who he was and
what his doctrine was. We find that many of the New Testament books
began in similar fashion. Today, there are so many who go about
preaching a 'form of godliness, but denying the power thereof' that
it becomes necessary for each of us to be able to discern the 'true'
from the 'false'. Hence, the need for individual Bible study. The
best way for us to know the Truth is to study it for ourselves. If we
know the Truth of the Bible in our hearts and minds, AND learn to
rely on God to nudge us to follow His teachings, we will be much less
likely to fall for the untruths that assail us from every side.

Gee, I miss my mom! She was the one that I could always depend on to pull me back to center when I was headed for the ditch...which happens on a regular basis!

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