Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2014 Bucket List

The Orange Lilies That Bloom Near Our Front Porch

The month ahead promises to be a month of challenges, change, and celebration, and I am greatly looking forward to all of them! Here is my June 2014 Bucket List:

1. Start new, part-time job at Prairie State Park.
2. Call my Aunt Doris in Dodge City, Kansas and wish her a 'Happy 85th Birthday!"
3. Enjoy meeting our new granddaughter, Esther Gracelynn. (Her due date is June 14th.)
4. Celebrate Flag Day with the red, white, and blue!
5. Celebrate Father's Day by celebrating my dad and my husband.
6. Visit my friend, Laura, and her husband at their new restaurant in Carthage, MO.
7. Meet up with and visit a special cousin and her family in Joplin.
8. Attend four sessions of Beth Moore's "Believing God" series at Main Street Bible Church.
9. Celebrate the First Day of Summer!
10. Lose 10 pounds.

That's my bucket list for June. Now...what's on yours? :)

Until next time...

All My Love,
~Rebecca <3

One Thousand Gifts - #75 a kiss, #76 conversation, #78 fresh strawberries


  1. Woo hoo! I made the bucket list!!!!!

    Let me know when Rebecca, I want to make sure I'm there!

    1. You sure did, Laura! And I'm going to do everything within my power, Lord willing, of course, to make it down there! See you soon! (I'll call ahead!) <3

  2. I'll have to give this some thought, but think this is a great way to have a bucket list for the month.

    Blessings to you!

    1. My plan is to try to have a bucket list for each month, then, to update at the end of the month sharing my experiences. If you get a bucket list for the month made up, Deanna, please, feel free to share. I'd love to celebrate the little joys and successes in life with you. Have a blessed day!

      ~Rebecca <3


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