Friday, September 22, 2017

My Autumn Bucket List 2017

Summer is officially over and, once again, my favorite season is here...AUTUMN! Warm days, cool, crisp nights, bonfires, and all things pumpkin...these are the things that excite me about autumn. I have been thinking about some of the things that I'd like to do this fall and some of the things that I hope to accomplish over the course of it. I know that, in reality, I probably won't get to all of them, but having a list will certainly help me to focus on the season and remind me to enjoy it to the fullest! 

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" (Genesis 8:22).

My Autumn Bucket List 2017

1. Write my autumn bucket list
2. Plan my fall menus
3. Visit the 42nd Annual Missouri Town 1855 Arts, Crafts, and Music Festival with my cousin, Sara
4. Visit Burr Oak Woods and hike the Bethany Falls Trail
5. Make a batch of Pumpkin Streusel Muffins 
6. Do a good old-fashioned fall cleaning before the holidays arrive
9. Hike all six trails at Prairie State Park to experience the tall grasses at their peak:

        a) Drovers
        b) Gayfeather
        c) Path of the Sky People
        d) Path of the Earth People
        e) Coyote
        f) Sandstone

Do a leaf rubbing
11. Celebrate autumn birthdays with the grandlittles
12. Make my own pumpkin spice coffee creamer to use in tea
13. Visit a pumpkin patch and find the largest pumpkin possible
14. Purchase some mums
15. Visit a corn maze
16. Plan and complete autumn programs at work -

      A) Fun With Fungi (HS)
      B) Spider Web Wonders (Library)
      C) Terrific Turkeys (HS)
      D) Terrific Turkeys (Library)

17. Go camping with my husband
18. Build a bonfire
19. Carve a pumpkin
20. Visit the Louisburg Cider Mill
21. Bake a pumpkin pie
22. Go on a hayride
23. Drink apple cider
24. Study cattails
25. Enjoy a juicy red apple
26. Pick up pecans from the trees growing in our backyard
27. Pick up walnuts with the grandlittles
28. Lead an impromptu hike on a very frosty morning and observe frost flowers in the field
29. Prepare a Native American meal for my cousin, Dave
30. Celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends

That's what's on my autumn bucket list. What's on yours? 

Until next time...

From the archives:

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  1. I usually don't do bucket lists but I really like your approach especially using the list to focus on the season. Might just have to make one this year.

    1. Thanks, Jean! I'll be looking forward to reading your autumn bucket list if you get one made! Enjoy the season! <3

  2. I am a big fan of seasonal bucket lists! I think this fall is the first time I haven't made one... You have great things on yours! I am so eager for fall, but honestly I live in Michigan and it has been so UN-Autumn like!

    1. It hasn't been very autumn-like here, either, until today. This morning was cool and drizzly and, by evening, I was craving hot tea and chili. Would have loved to have a bonfire this evening, but, as of yet, there's no place to have one. Need to get a bonfire pit built soon! :)


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