Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

For almost a decade now we've been celebrating Thanksgiving and kicking off the Christmas season in Kansas City. The tradition started when our youngest daughter and her husband got married in 2008. 

The first few years we celebrated at their apartment in Claycomo; the past few years at their new apartment in Gladstone. Over the years different friends and family members have joined us for the celebration and a lot of good memories have been made. 

This year, it's a little different. This year we're congregating at the church our son-in-law pastors and doing what our daughter calls "an extreme church takeover." It's not quite as bad as it sounds, but, thus far, it's been a lot of fun!

For the first year ever since Amanda and Phillip have been married, our oldest daughter and her husband and children have been able to join us for Thanksgiving. We all arrived at the church on Wednesday and took up residency in the classrooms of our choosing. While our husbands visited, Amanda and I spent yesterday afternoon visiting and enjoying each other's company as we baked pies and did whatever other preparations that we could ahead of time for today's feast; Patrick and Amber and the children arrived last night and the visiting and prep work continued until late into the night. 

This morning, as I sit here working on this post, I hear the happy sound of voices down the hallway. I can hear my two daughters talking in the kitchen as they prepare for the day...early morning sister-talk that I don't think I've had the pleasure of hearing since they were both girls still living at home. That's been a while. 

I can hear the grandlittles chattering away...full of fresh energy and ready to revel in the excitement of the day. One of the fun-in-laws says something. There's a pause. Then the sudden roar of laughter fills the kitchen and wafts down the hallway to my awaiting ears. Its holiday time.

I smile to myself as I listen to all of this. Then my mind begins to wander back over the years...especially to the years when my own children were small and my parents and my husband's mother were regular guests at our Thanksgiving table. As much as I love my family now, I still miss those days when my own children were small and we were altogether under one roof.

Even further back than that...sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday that my cousins and I were the littles and that we were the ones gathering at Grandpa and Grandma's with our parents...collapsing into fits of giggles at the antics of one of our crazy aunts or uncles. It's amazing how fast time really flies. 

Soon it will be time to prepare the dressing. My whole matter where the Thanksgiving feast was to be was my mother that was asked to bring the dressing. Of all the dressing recipes in all the world, hers had to be the best! 

Mom's been gone now these past twelve Thanksgivings. I remember well the first Thanksgiving that I was to be in charge of making the dressing. I just knew that I couldn't do it...not as well as Mom could anyway. I remember calling her and her walking me through the steps on the phone. I realized a couple of years ago that, even as I was making the dressing, I was replaying that phone call over again in my head and that I still follow Mom's directions to a tee. In doing so, the dressing turns out every bit as good as hers ever was. Well...almost! 

As my heart and mind wanders over the years, people and places flash through my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, old friends, church friends, people that we have shared meals with over the past 21 years in ministry, and new friends that we've made and shared the holiday with since coming to Amanda and Phillip's the past several years since they've been married.

I remember last year and how special it was having more-like-family-than-friends friends join us for the celebration. A sudden wave of sadness washes over me at the thought that they're unable to join us today, but hey! It is what it is! Maybe they'll be able to come again next year.

As time moves on and seasons change, people come and go in our lives and sweet memories are made along the way. All is woven into a beautiful tapestry called life and, as the early hours of Thanksgiving Day 2017 dawns I am truly thankful for all of the blessings that the Lord has brought into mine.

I'd like to take the opportunity now to wish each and every one here a Happy Thanksgiving! No matter what your situation or season in life, look for God's blessings, because they're there. The little moments in life today will be the sweet memories and threads in your own tapestry tomorrow. Embrace them!

May God's richest blessings be yours today and always!

All My Love,


  1. Such wonderful sweet memories of your Thanksgiving today and in the past too! Treasured memories they are indeed. I'm glad your mother passed on her dressing recipe to you, what a special tradition to have to share in. Honestly, it is the stuffing/dressing with the turkey that makes the meal complete. I pray your day and weekend continues to be blessed :)

    1. Thanks, Marilyn! I trust that you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving today and, yes, I agree. The dressing is what makes the meal complete...but it's got to be Mom's dressing, of course! Blessings for a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Nice article. It brought tears to my eyes. Time does pass quickly...that's why I am trying to purpose to make the most of each moment we have. Love you.

    1. Your comment brought tears to mine. I love and appreciate you more than you could ever know. You and Patrick and the children are such a blessing in our lives. May God richly bless you in all things. 💕


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