Friday, September 7, 2018

Low-Spend, Dollar-Stretching Challenge - Update #1

The first week of this challenge did not come off as 'low-spend' as I had hoped it would. We've done great at staying on plan with the weekly menus, and have already used up several things that way, but, it does seem that, in other areas, we've spent much more than intended. 

- My husband's hearing device developed a short in it, so we had to order a new one.
- We spent more than intended on the trip over the weekend.
- I hadn't planned on making any online purchases this month, but needed a couple of items for an upcoming program, so placed an order through Amazon.
- I ordered a Christmas gift that could have waited.

Not that any of this was exorbitant, because it wasn't. It was just more than we had intended to spend and we hadn't budgeted for most of these items.

BUT...all is not lost. It's early in the game and what matters most, in the long-run, is how we do over the course of the entire month. 

Pushing onward and upward (while refusing to get bogged down in some irrational thought process) and until next time...

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