Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fairy Jars

Daughter, Amanda, and I have planned on making these fairy jars forever. She found them on-line and showed them to me months ago. We had been talking about making them ever since, but couldn't seem to find a time to actually get together to do it. She ordered the fairies for the jars back in March. At least, we'd have them whenever a good time presented itself. 

My Fairy Jars
Well, the time finally presented itself last week. We were scheduled to do one thing, but the event ended up being canceled, so we went ahead, got together anyway, and made the fairy jars. We had such fun in doing so, too! 💗

We gathered our supplies and set to work! The first step was to encapsulate the fairies in the jars. (Easier said than done! Those fairies aren't easily enticed into tight spaces!) 😆

Here daughter, Amanda, applies glue and tissue paper to the outside of one of her jars.

And, of course, Amanda insisted on watching Tinkerbell while we worked! 😉

This is my favorite of the jars that I made.

Here are some of the fairy jars that Amanda made.

If anyone is interested in making a few fairy jars of their own, here is the tutorial that Amanda and I watched and followed to make ours...

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  1. Your Fairy Jars are darling!!!
    So very cute.
    Think I may have to give this a try,

  2. Thanks, D! Let me know how yours come out when you get them done! Blessings, my friend! Have a great weekend! <3


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