Monday, October 1, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday - October 1, 2018

Good morning, Sweet Ladies! Happy Monday!!!

What??? It's October already??? Really??? 😲 Ohmygoodness! I've been so busy with work and trying to recover from Jubilee that I didn't even realize that the calendar pages had changed! (deep sigh) Oh, well! HAPPY OCTOBER! 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁

How was your week and weekend? Ours was good here. Enjoyed Prairie Jubilee immensely, but am sooooo thankful that it's over! It's a lot of hard work, but it's a lot of fun, too! It was wonderful getting to see so many people that I haven't seen in awhile! Am glad that we only do this every other year, though! 😆

Granddaughter Essie @ Jubilee 2018
Today I'm joining Sandra and the other lovely ladies for Happy Homemaker Monday over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. Won't you join me? 💗

Today I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom and
all of the wonderful ladies of 
Happy Homemaker Monday!
Right now I am...

... Taking a break, having breakfast, enjoying a cup of tea, and working on this post.

Am thinking...

... about the busy week ahead and wishing that things would slow down a bit. I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round and can't get off. This has GOT to change and soon!

On the breakfast plate...

... eggs and toast, manadarin oranges, and Twining's Irish Breakfast tea

The weather...

... 71 degrees and cloudy, at the moment, with a high of 82 expected. The week ahead looks warm (mid- to upper-80's for daytime highs and lows in the 70's), but, after that, cooler (highs in the lower-70's with lows in the 50's) and better chances for rain toward the end of the week.

On my reading pile...

... I have a whole pile of books that I'd like to be reading, but, at the moment, Redeemed From Poverty, Sickness, and Spiritual Death by Kenneth E. Hagin is the only one I'm working on. I just haven't had a lot of time TO read lately. 😞

On the menu this week...
Monday - chili dogs and baked potatoes
Tuesday - butter and garlic pasta, spinach salad, and homemade bread
Wednesday - corn chowder and cornbread (freezer)
Thursday - cheese scalloped potatoes, green beans, homemade bread, and mandarin oranges
Friday - chili and cornbread (freezer)
Saturday - homemade vegetable pizza
Sunday - leftovers

A Recipe To Share...

Fall Popcorn Balls from Little House on the Prairie

Fall Popcorn Balls
On my 'to do' list...

- Monday - Plan the week ahead, do my weekly "home blessing", do laundry, figure bills and October budget
- Tuesday - Run errands (bank, pay bills, etc.), have tea with dd at friend's house, watch the grandgirls in the evening
- Wednesday - Work (school groups)
- Thursday - Work (school groups)
-Friday - Work
- Saturday - Meet up with family and friends back home to attend Missouri Town 1855's 43rd Annual Festival of Arts, Crafts, and Music
- Sunday - Church; work (afternoon)

In the craft basket...

Nothing at the moment, but am happy to say that we gave away most of the paper bead kits at Jubilee. Seems that we had more green and yellow left at the end of the day than anything else (the pinks, purples, and blues went fast), but, overall, I think they were a success. I don't know that I will ever do them again. I'm hoping to come up with something a little less labor-intensive for next time! 😄 The beads that are left will be worked into a Native American program somewhere along the way, I'm sure. Thanks, again, to everyone who helped with the paper-bead making! 

Miss Lydia Stringing Her Beautiful Pink and Purple Beads
Miss River and Miss Rain Making Their Selections
Looking forward to this week...

Any down time I can manage and meeting up with family and friends back home and attending Missouri Town's Arts, Crafts, and Music Festival

Something interesting I watched...

These Three Late Calves
I knew we had two late calves born this year, but discovered that we had THREE when I was leading a bison tour Saturday afternoon. What a surprise! Most bison calves at Prairie State Park are born in April and May. 
From the camera...

Prairie Jubilee 2018

The Cowboys

The Horses in Tall Grass

The Buffalo Hunter
The Spinner

The Tinsmith

The One-Room Schoolhouse 

Guided Tours and Tram Rides Out to See the Bison Up Close

A Buffalo-Chip Throwing Contest

The Atlatl Throw

Inside the Nature Center

Scripture passage...

Well, Ladies, that's it for this week! I pray that each and every one of you have a blessed and beautiful week ahead! And I'll see you next week! 

Until Next Time...

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  1. Glad the jubilee was a such a success! Great pictures, looks like so much fun. Hoping you find some time to relax this week. I think they scheduled every single fall event possible in KC this many fun options for Saturday. We have a wedding though :) Have a wonderful week, my fall-loving friend!

  2. I wish I could go to the prairie jubilee!!! whee!!!

  3. A Prairie Jubilee sounds like a lot of fun! I love the picture of your granddaughter in her cute little dress and bonnet!

  4. Great pictures of the Prairie Jubilee. wow!

  5. Thanks, Ladies! Jubilee is always fun and this one was particularly great because the weather was perfect, the bison cooperated, and we were right in the thick of the monarch migration AND right in the middle of the fly-zone! It was awesome! Maybe next time, Jean! Enjoy the wedding this weekend! Blessings to all for a great week ahead! <3

  6. Rebecca, that Jubilee was amazing.. What fun and learning too!!! I owuld have been there for sure Ive it were possible... I love those kinds of events... And my maouth is watering for a popcorn ball now!! Nary any pop corn in the house! BAh!!! HAve a grand week dear friend!!!

  7. You sure would have been welcome, Schotzy! And, I tell you what! I ALWAYS have popcorn in the house! Next Jubilee you come out and after the event we'll make popcorn balls! How's that sounds??? LOL! Have a great week, dear one! Blessings! <3

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    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Oh wow Rebecca! That Jubilee looked awesome. And I can't believe it's October already too. Time can slow down now!! Loved all your pics - especially all the kiddos. They are so adorable.

    Your menu always sounds so yummy and those popcorn balls sound awesome! Blessings on the rest of your week my Dear. xoxo

  10. It was, Carrie! And, yes, I hear you! Time is just going waaaay too fast! A couple of the granddaughters and I made the popcorn balls. They are very good! Taste just like Cracker Jacks! Hope you've had a blessed week as well! <3

  11. Great pictures - looks like everyone had fun. Hope you had a GREAT week. I'm super late making the rounds this week.


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