Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Birthdays Galore and a Trip to the Pet Store

Have had a lot of fun celebrating birthdays with some of the youngest of the grandlittles this week! 🎈🎂🎉

Saturday was grandson, Dante's, 4th birthday. I had planned on taking him out to celebrate on Thursday (the 7th), but we got the ice storm and had to reschedule. I took him out yesterday (on Monday the 11th) instead. 

Nana and Dante @ McDonald's
Monday (the 11th) was Dante's little sister's, Kira's, first birthday. Their birthdays are only two days a part, so their mama and daddy had a party celebrating both on the 10th.
Lil' Miss Kira
Today (the 12th) was grandson, Jed's, 6th birthday. We went out for lunch, then took some silly pictures in a photo booth at the mall. While we were there we enjoyed walking a mile together inside the mall. 

Jed and I @ the Mall
After that we went to Braum's for frozen yogurt.

Jed Enjoying His Frozen Yogurt
Then, we went to the pet store to buy live crickets for Clementine (our pet tarantula). 

While we were at the pet store we looked around at all the animals. They had some of the cutest, fuzziest bunnies that I've ever seen and lots of birds and fish. They had a few snakes and this guy...a blue-tongued skink.

Blue-tongued Skink
(Of all the times that I've been in that store to buy crickets for Clementine, I had never once looked around until today. It was a lot of fun!) 😊

It's been a fun few days of celebrating some of the youngest grandchildren in the family. Now...to make it through Valentine's Day and our anniversary! I'm about partied out! (NOT!) 😆 

Until next time...

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