Thursday, February 28, 2019

Update on Our Son-in-Law - Thursday, February 28, 2019

Greetings, Dear Ones!

It's Thursday afternoon and I felt that I should drop in and share a mid-week update with all those that have been praying over our son-in-law, Phillip, and his wife (our daughter), Amanda.

Amanda and Phillip

Phillip had his first brain tumor removed at the age of 14, the second removed at the age of 28, and the third in January of 2016. The plan this time was to go in and remove scar tissue that has grown over the past three years at the site of the last tumor removal. 

On Thursday of last week (2/21/19) Phillip had surgery to put in the brain mapping grid. After the grid and diodes were in place, the plan was to wait for seizure activity, do more tests, then go in and remove the scar tissue. Upon further testing it was discovered that Phillip has three new brain tumors growing at the site of the last tumor removal from three years ago. This was unexpected and totally changed the game plan.

To further complicate matters, getting the grid in place revealed that the seizure activity was originating further back than first thought. Yesterday (2/26/19) they had to go back in and place seven more diode into the brain. Now they are, once again, awaiting seizure activity in order to do further testing before they can do the big surgery in which they will remove the scar tissue and the three new tumors. 

As for us, we are home now. I've got to work tomorrow and Saturday, then, bad weather is supposed to move in Sunday and Monday on both ends (on ours and in Kansas City). I have no idea what next week holds. I feel terrible about not being with Phillip and Amanda right now, but we have responsibilities on this end, too. We will just have to come and go as time and circumstance allow.  

Phillip After The First Surgery @ KU

Thank you so much for your continued prayers on Phillip and Amanda's behalf. Where would we be without the power of prayer? Praise God for His continual mercy and grace! 

The 91st Psalm is one of the main passages of scripture that I stand
on continuously concerning every member of my precious family.
Blessings over all and until next time...

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