Friday, August 30, 2019

Gearing Up For A Low-Spend September

It's been a crazy busy week around here and I wasn't sure that I was even going to have time to get a post up and out before September 1st, but I decided that, even if it's a short one, I'd better get it done! My husband and I are so looking forward to a low-spend September!

Last Saturday I did a complete food inventory...refrigerator, fridge freezer, deep freeze, and cabinets. Then, I sat down and made a plan! 

Technically, we have enough food on hand (all but fresh items along the way, of course) to last about seven weeks. That includes canned goods, dry beans, whole grains, and other things counted as staples and stock-up items, but even that stuff needs rotated out, so this is good! 

I took the inventory, made a general plan...soup and bread on Mondays, baked pepper casserole dishes on Tuesdays, chicken dishes on Wednesdays, turkey dishes on Thursdays, fish on Fridays, dry bean dishes on Saturdays, and leftovers, as usual, on Sundays...then, I planned out the first two, full weeks worth of menus (this was for the last week of August and the first week of September, and, so far, we've managed to stay on plan). 

On Monday my cousin and I went grocery shopping. I got all the fresh items and extra ingredients needed to round out the two-week plan.

I spent Tuesday cooking everything that I could for the week (plus) ahead. I baked two batches of muffins, a double batch of meatballs, a batch of turkey Italian sausage-stuffed peppers, pasta, red beans, and several small tubs of cottage berry whip for snacks. A lot of these things were divided into batches and put in the deep freeze to be used at a later date.

I'm anyone else planning anything along this line for the month of September? If so, I'd love to hear all about it!

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  1. I'm curious, what is cottage berry whip?

    Angie ☺

  2. Cottage berry whip is a delicious, low-fat, Trim Healthy Mama dessert that, for me, satisfies the desire for ice cream. Granted I tweak mine a bit...I just use 1/2 cup 1% low-fat cottage cheese, 1/2 cup frozen berries, and 1 teaspoon THM Super Sweet or Pyure...but if you google 'trim healthy mama cottage berry whip' you will find the original recipe online.

  3. I'm planning for a low-spend AND low-sugar September. Hoping I don't get too cranky. Already a bit nervous as I thought Monday was September 1st. Oops! I'm going to have to take a look and make a plan by our freezer and pantry stuff, that's a good idea. Good luck with your September!

    1. That's awesome, Jean! Sounds like a good plan! Let me know how things go on your end and I plan on updating here throughout the month. Blessings, my friend! :)


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