Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday - January 13, 2020

Greetings, Dear Ones! 

I hope you had a nice weekend and that your week is off to a great start! Happy Monday! 💗

Things are about the same here. We are on Day 20 without hot water. After replacing three different parts the company has finally agreed that, yes, we need a new hot water heater, which they approved last Tuesday, but it's not a model that the local building supply that we bought it from keeps in stock (it's a real odd-ball...a 29-gallon liquid propane). It had to be ordered in from a place in Illinois and should be on the truck tonight. If all goes well we should be back in business sometime tomorrow. What a blessing it will be to have hot water again! I have considered this a lesson in patience and hot water is not something that I will take for granted again.

Wednesday evening my husband and I enjoyed a game night...checkers (his favorite), Chinese checkers (my favorite), popcorn, and hot chocolate. It was a lot of fun and we decided that this is something we need to do more often! 😊
Checkers - He's The Champ
Chinese Checkers - I'm The Champ
Does anyone else out there find marbles fascinating?
(Sometimes I think I've lost mine!) 😆
Okay...enough about last week. Let's get right on into this week's post, shall we? And, by the way, I think I've missed the point and mixed up and even eliminated some of Sandra's categories in the past. I'm going to try my best to stay on course with her 2020 line-up! 

Here goes...
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Happy Homemaker Monday! 💗
The weather...

Image may contain: snow, tree, plant and outdoor
Looking Across The Way Towards Our Neighbor's
...we had storms over the weekend...heavy rain and thunderstorms on Friday; ice, sleet, and snow on Saturday. In fact, the nature center was closed Saturday due to the weather, so I got to stay in and watch the birds at the feeders, which is something that I really enjoy doing.

Image may contain: bird
A Goldfinch Feeding At The Feeder
Image may contain: snow and food
Juncos Feeding On Thistle Seed That Has Fallen From The Feeders Above
Image may contain: bird

Considering all that, the week ahead doesn't look bad at all!

How I am feeling this morning...

... good!

Image result for this is the day kjv"

On my mind...

... getting up, getting out, and getting started! Since we had the storms over the weekend and the roads were iffy, we decided to relax and just flip our Sunday/Monday routines. I cleaned house, did laundry, and planned the week ahead yesterday; today our plan is to go to the nursing home to visit Pat, then do our grocery shopping and visit the kiddos in Lamar on our way home (this has become our new Sunday after-church norm since Pat's been in the nursing home). We plan on dropping off donations at the second-hand shop, having lunch out, and doing a few other errands while we are out and about.

On the breakfast plate...

... a couple of my dh's chocolate chip muffins and cup of hot tea.

On my reading pile...

Image result for healing wellness kenneth copeland"
Healing Wellness
by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
Greater Health God's Way: 7 Steps to Inner and Outer Beauty  -     By: Stormie Omartian
Greater Health God's Way by Stormie Omartian
On my tv...

...we haven't done tv here since 2013, but we do listen to cd's, the radio (VCY America), and watch movies and other programs on the computer. 

This week we enjoyed the latest episode of the Wild Brothers' Highlands to Island Vlog (Episode 30 - Beach Cleanup on Bat Island) and the movie Beyond the Mask starring Andrew Cheney, John Rhys-Davies, and Kara Killmer.

Image result for beyond the mask"

On the menu this week...

Monday - Turkey breast fillets, baked potatoes with cottage cheese, leftover cabbage, carrots, and celery sauteed together in a vegetable medley
Tuesday - Stuffed pepper casserole and salad
Wednesday - Bison chili, crackers, and salad
Thursday - Roasted chicken breast, baked potato with cottage cheese, and mixed vegetables
Friday - Salmon, baked sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts
Saturday - Tortellini, sauce, salad, and homemade bread
Sunday - Leftovers

From the camera...

...during Saturday's snowstorm I took this photo of the view across the street from our house. I told my husband that it looked like an Andrew Wythe painting. Then, I found the painting! 💗

Image may contain: outdoor and nature
The View Across The Street From Our Home
Image may contain: nature
Andrew Wythe's "After Christmas"
Looking around the house...

...we had to move the cabinet out of the bathroom in preparation to take out the old hot water and get the new one in, so things are a bit in disarray in the hallway. Other than that, things are in pretty good shape.

Chore I'm not looking forward to today or this week...

...can't think of anything.

Image result for colossians 3:23 kjv"

To relax this week, I will...

...drink tea, walk, read, enjoy a date night with my dh, and finish the 2019 temperature aghan after the skein of yarn that I ordered arrives. I got down to the last few rows and discovered that I didn't have the extra skein of Forest Green Heather that I thought I had. 😕

On my prayer list...

- President Trump, Vice-President Pence, all elected officials and their families in every arena from the federal to the local level in every town, city, county, and state, and our nation as a whole
- For a great awakening within our nation as took place in the mid-1700's, again in the early 1800's, and again in the late 1800's...early 1900's. It's time! 
- Friends and family members that are under attack and in need of health and healing, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or financial. There are so many!

Devotional/Bible verse...

Image result for kjv bible 1 peter 4:9"

Hospitality is something that I used to practice regularly, but not so much here lately. Practicing hospitality is something that I hope to work on in 2020. 

Well, Ladies, that's it for this week! I pray that each and every one of you have a lovely, productive, and great week ahead!

Until next time...

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  1. So glad that you are finally going to get some hot water! Just reading your posts about having no hot water tells me I'd have made an awful pioneer. Beautiful photos! You're right your view does look very close the painting. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. How rough to go so long without hot water.. lots of extra work on you! Thank you for the letter regarding prayer requests.. I jsut ahd a prayer group today with my prayer gals. Prayer is so important. It is what we all need to get through in this world. I am with you regarding hospitality.. I started by having the prayer gals here today for brunch. It was a blessing!

  3. I am so happy to hear that you are going to finally have hot water!!!! I know that had to be hard to be without! Your pictures are of the snow is stunning!!! Just like a story book. I hope you have a blessed week ahead!

  4. Yay for hot water! You always have great pictures. Haven't played chinese checkers in ages! that's a nice way to spend an evening. Have a great week

  5. Look at your snow... we got a bit of the storm this past weekend, but nothing like they were predicting... thank goodness! I haven't played chinese checkers in forever!! Have a great week!

  6. Soooo happy that you're finally getting hot water, that is far too long to go without, especially in the winter time.

    I hope you have a wonderful week.

  7. I can't imagine going that long without hot water. I am glad it is finally being fixed. I can not believe how much your picture looks like that painting. Amazing!1

  8. Happy 2020 Rebecca! I missed blogland!
    Sorry the hot water heater issues have been neverending. Happy to hear there's an end in sight! Geesh.
    I love the game night idea!! That's a great idea to do it more. We love games over here too and I love having friends or family over and have big nights. But I may just start getting my daughter to just play some more games with me during the week. Tell my girl put the smart phone down and play with your Mom! 😉
    The snowy pic was beautiful and so like the painting. I hope you have a blessed rest of your week. xoxo

  9. WOW your photo does look so similar to the painting! It sure looks cold there this week. I hope your hot water is all fixed now! I hope you've had a great week.


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