Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Garden Full of Irises

Irises are so pretty! My grandmother had them growing in her garden, my mother had them growing in hers, and I have them growing in mine.

Irises Blooming In Our Yard This Morning
I have scattered pictures of the irises growing in our yard throughout different posts here on my blog and elsewhere...

Irises Blooming in Our Yard This Morning
...but I thought it might be fun to squeeze them all into one post, so that you can get a better idea of the variety of colors that we are enjoying this spring.

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Our "Keith Miller" Irises
The lavender ones that smell like grape Kool-aid (a.k.a. our "Keith Miller" irises) are still my favorites, but I'm really starting to love and appreciate all the other pretty colors that grow in our garden and I hope to keep adding to my collection. 

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My "Aunt Linda" Irises
The First To Bloom Each Season
My "Aunt Linda" irises are the first to bloom each season. In fact, sadly, they have already come and gone for this year. My aunt, Linda Lemmons, loved purple irises and these were among her favorites. They serve as a memorial and remembrance of her each spring.

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Yellow Iris
The yellow irises are beautiful...

Burgundy Iris
...as are the burgundies! The colors of these irises are downright magnificent! 

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Variegated Purple Iris
None of the variegated irises have bloomed yet, but they should be doing so soon. In fact, I've got at least three or four more colors that should be blooming within the next couple of days or so. These pictures are from last year.

Variegated Rust and Yellow Iris
Then, there's this oddball. This photo was taken several years ago before moving to our current location...

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Ever feel like an oddball standing alone in the crowd???
I don't even remember where this oddball iris came from. It's big and the prettiest pale pink you ever saw, but it came up right in the middle of my beloved lavenders. My husband tagged it with a label and, when we moved, he was extra careful to remove those corms to be planted elsewhere in the mixed beds. Well...guess what???

Oddball Pink Getting Ready to Bloom in Our Garden This Morning
I'm looking out my office window right now and, today, I see that we have THREE oddball pale pink irises getting ready to bloom...right. in. the. middle. of. my. lavenders!!! 😲

(deep sigh) 

Oh, well! I guess even oddball pinks have to live somewhere. It might as well be amongst my beloved lavenders. 😞

Medium Purple Blooming This Morning
What about you? What colors of iris are blooming in your yard this spring? Would anyone like starts? I have traded and shared a lot of iris starts with others over the years and hope to keep adding to my own collection. I've got lots of the lavender colored irises that smell like grape Kool-aid and, if you are willing to pay the postage (or have a color that I don't have and would like to trade), I'd be happy to share some with you. Just e-mail me and let me know! 

Until next time...

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