Monday, May 11, 2020

Home Management Monday - May 11, 2020

Good morning, Dear Ladies! πŸ’— 

I hope you all had a great week and that all you mamas out there had an absolutely lovely Mother's Day weekend!
Our week and weekend here were good. πŸŒ· 

I worked Friday and Saturday. There wasn't a lot going on. The nature center and campground are still closed, but, the weather was nice Saturday, so we had a lot of hikers out on the trails. I spent my time inside cleaning, studying, and working on future program ideas.

I heard from all of my children over the weekend and spent Sunday afternoon practicing my camera skills. I'm determined to get the hang of this digital camera business and learn to take good photos. So far, I'm not doing that great, but I am learning. Out of hundreds of photographs taken this weekend I think I only got two or three that were descent. This is one of them...

Daisies Along the Roadside
I will share more of the good and the not-so-good ones later on. For now, though, let's get started on this week's post...shall we?

I awoke to...

... cool temperatures and a general sense of feeling blasΓ©. My cousin was here last night and, although we had a good time, I think we stayed up way too late visiting. I have absolutely no get up and go today. 😴 

What I'm thinking...

... about all the things that I should be working on right now, but haven't even started yet. Oh, well! I'm sure that they will all still be right there waiting for me when I finally get around to doing them. πŸ˜‰

What I'm thankful for...

... good health, physical strength, mental clarity, energy, stamina, and fortitude...even when I feel totally and completely depleted of all of the above. The Lord is good. When I'm weak, He's strong and He helps me. Praise His holy name! 

On the breakfast plate...

... maple and brown sugar oatmeal with a Triple 0 vanilla yogurt and hot tea

The weather...

... cool and cloudy. Right now it's 48 degrees and, even though the weather map shows that it's raining, it's not, so I'm not sure what the deal with that is. It looks like there are good chances for rain all week long. ☔

This week's menu plan...

Monday - Chef salad and homemade French bread
Tuesday - Turkey Italian sausage with oven-roasted potatoes, oven-roasted carrots, and salad
Wednesday - Turkey burgers, baked sweet potatoes, and cottage cheese
Thursday - Hot roast beef sandwiches with mashed potatoes, brown gravy, and green beans
Friday - Breakfast for supper
Saturday - Dh's night to cook
Sunday - Leftovers

Blooming on the Prairie in May
Photo Taken in 2019
On my 'to do' list...

Monday - Complete this post, do my weekly 'home blessing', do laundry
Tuesday - Work in my office, make lists, organize plans, complete a few unfinished projects, 
Wednesday - Run errands
Thursday - ?
Friday - Work
Saturday - Work
Sunday - Church
On my reading pile...

Bible Prayer by Kenneth E. Hagin (Bible Study Course) and Discover Nature 'Close to Home' by Elizabeth P. Lawlor

Discover Nature Close to Home: Things to Know and Things to Do by ...
Discover Nature Close To Home
by Elizabeth P. Lawlor
From the camera...

A Dickcissel Singing His Lil' Heart Out
Scripture verse...

Well, Ladies, that's it for this week! I pray that each and every one of you have a great week ahead! Stay close the Lord and stay in His Word!

Until next time...

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  1. What a cute bird, love its sound! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 12, open May 1 to 26. All party entries shared if social media buttons installed.

    1. I do, too, Dee! To me...that's the sound of summer! Thanks for dropping in and commenting! :)

  2. Enjoyed your post, lots of good stuff. Great photos of the daisies, wonderful composition. And wow, I want a prairie flower bouquet. Simply beautiful! Hope you have an amazing week!

    1. Thanks, Jean! Aren't prairie bouquets gorgeous??? Hope you've had a great week and an even better weekend! Blessings! <3

  3. I kind of dragging myself this morning. I set out my tennis shoes last night with the idea that I would walk first thing but they are still sitting there staring at me. LOL

    1. Yes, I've tried walking first thing in the morning, but it just doesn't work for me. My husband and I try to go walking in the evening...usually between 7:00 and 8:00...sometimes later. Thanks for stopping in! :)


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