Thursday, September 17, 2020

Teleidoscope Thursday - September 17, 2020

Life's been in such a whirlwind lately that I've had quite a time trying to keep up with everything. Here are some of the things that have been going on in my world this week...

- I worked on Monday. It was a beautiful late-summer day and I started my morning with a hike out on the prairie. Here are a few of the things  that I observed along the way...

As late summer fades into fall the prairie takes on a unique 
beauty all its own. Here asters and bur marigolds play amongst 
the native tall grasses of their southwest Missouri home.

On cool and misty prairie morns tiny droplets of dew outline
every spider web like fine pearls strung on gossamer string.

Here a garden spider makes a tasty meal
out of a captured prairie cicada.

In late summer and early fall sumac makes a fine display
as its leaves turn from dark green to a fiery red.

An open milkweed pod reveals wispy, parachute-like seed that is 
ready to disperse with the first prairie wind that blows their way.

Boneset, bur marigolds, and blackberry 
stand tall against a prairie landscape.

- My cousin came over for supper Monday evening and we had a good time catching up. Breakfast for supper was on the menu so I made homemade biscuits, ham, eggs, and hot tea. It was an enjoyable evening but I stayed up way too late! 😴

- Tuesday morning I met our oldest granddaughter for breakfast at the local cafe. She works, has a boyfriend, and is in nursing school, so that doesn't leave her much time to socialize. It's nice on those rare occasions, that we do get together, to catch up with another and visit. It's hard to believe, but she's celebrating her 22nd birthday today. 

- Yesterday we rode with our oldest daughter and grands up to  Kansas City to spend our second scheduled work day at our youngest daughter's home. Work projects included a few indoor chores, as well as, power-washing the deck, weed-eating, and tree-trimming outside. It was a lot of fun and didn't take too long as many hands make light work!

- After the work was done at dd's yesterday, she did all us girls' nails with the new dip powder nail set that she got. It was her first time of doing it and, with each set of nails, she got better and better. She is coming down in three weeks to spend the night and plans on redoing our nails then. 

Granddaughter, Mercy, Getting Her 
Nails Done By Aunt Amanda

Mercy Chose To Get Her Nails Done In Her
Favorite Color - Purple

- On the way home from Kansas City yesterday we decided to take a side trip and view the newly discovered (to us) lake at Butler. It was beautiful! There were a couple of fishermen in a boat silhouetted against the setting sun and a nice dock. We observed a great blue heron fishing along the shoreline and great rings in the water where schools of fish were feeding before dark. I can't wait to go back and explore the area more fully and soon!

The Lake At Butler Near Sunset

The Dock

The Grands

- Today I'm sorting through things and clearing them out. My car is packed full of stuff to be donated and I've got several smaller piles of stuff that needs to be redirected back to their rightful owners. When I get done with that I'm pulling everything out of the closet in the Van Gogh room and will start sorting and organizing all my books, program materials, craft supplies, and Christmas stuff. It's going to be a big job! 

I plan on delivering the carload of stuff to be donated to the places they're going tomorrow and will probably turn it into a date day with dh. 

(Note - "date day" = "lunch out and a trip to Walmart") 😆

- Thank you to all who have been praying over Pat. She is doing well after hip surgery. She did take a fall yesterday, but, praise God, there are no injuries. Yesterday was her last day in quarantine and, after two weeks, I was finally able to speak with her on the phone this morning. She knew who I was and was glad to hear my voice, but, other than that, the conversation didn't make much sense. Please continue to remember her in your prayers. 

Well...that's it for this time. Break time is over and it's time to get back to work! You all have a great day and I'll be with you again soon!

All My Love,

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