Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Last Serenade of Summer

The last day of Summer 2020 was Monday, September 21st...nearly a week ago now. 

John and I celebrated it by building a fire in the fire pit and sitting outside for a couple of hours just enjoying it.

While doing so we were mesmerized by a gorgeous night sky as we soaked up the last waning sights and sounds associated with late summer evenings in southwest Missouri. 

Random thoughts flitted through my mind as took in all that was happening in nature around me; when I went inside I hurriedly wrote down as many of them as I could remember. 

As a memorial to that last beautiful night of Summer 2020, I will share some of those random thoughts with you here...

"A chorus of toad and frog voices blend with cicada and cricket sounds to create the last serenade of summer."

"The crescent moon hangs low in the southern sky and moves slowly across it, with Jupiter and Saturn trailing not far behind."

"Right at dusk a bat flutters across the sky as coyotes yelp in the distance."

"Lumbering trains, barking dogs, the sounds made by a car passing by...not even the sweet voices of children playing across the way...could block, nor detract from, the last serenade of summer."

Until next time,

~ Rebecca 

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