Monday, May 31, 2021

Master List and Menu Plan Monday - May 31, 2021

Good Morning, Dear Ones! Happy Memorial Day Monday! ðŸ’— 

I trust that your week was good, that you and yours are enjoying a lovely holiday weekend, and that your Monday is off to a great start! Happy Memorial Day💓☆💙

Note: Have shared these Memorial Day memories before.

Memorial Day Tribute

Growing up Memorial Day, or "Decoration Day" Grandma Viola called it, was always a special day! When I was real little my mom and dad and I would load up early in the morning and make the round of cemeteries to decorate the graves of loved ones that had passed on before us. At that time there were only a few graves to decorate, so the rest of the day would be spent with family. 

The Anderson House
Photo Credit
My Great-Uncle, Milton (Micky) Fox
World War II

Usually, we would gather together for a day of fun...a game 
of horseshoes, homemade ice cream, and fun with the 
cousins as we would roll giggling down the grassy bank at
Grandpa and Grandma's house in the country. At the time that bank seemed so huge, but, looking at it as an adult, it was hardly anything.

In later years we continued to do the cemetery rounds, but, due to reasons unknown to me...finances, perhaps, or maybe a shift in parents stopped decorating the graves. Oftentimes, after a morning of visiting the cemeteries, we would end up at a place that was historically important, not only to those interested in local Civil War history, but, to us, personally, as a family...the Anderson House in Lexington, Missouri. We had family members that were caretakers there at one time and my grandmother had spent many delightful days there as a child. We would often end up there on family outings and she would share her memories, as well as the secrets of the old house, with me, as together, we would explore its every nook and cranny. You could do that back then, but not now.

As time went on and older generations passed away, our Memorial Day traditions changed and, for the most part, fell away. We stopped doing the cemetery rounds altogether and usually just settled for a cook-out at the folks house. When my mother passed away that pretty much stopped, too. 

In more recent years, we've usually gotten together with family at some point over the weekend and Memorial Day itself has become a day of much needed rest. This year, with all this going on with John, today will be spent quietly at home. I do plan on making small amounts of the traditional holiday foods in hopes that John will take a few bites of some of them.

In there, of course, we will remember the many that have fought for (bled and died to give us) the freedoms that we have held so dear in this country and, unfortunately, are giving up and losing at an alarming rate. We pray for those that continue to serve our country today.

How about you? How do you and yours celebrate Memorial Day? What memories and symbolisms of it do you hold dear?'s get on with this week's post, shall we?

This week's master to-do list...

- spend as much quality time with my husband as possible 💑
- celebrate Memorial Day 💖🤍💙
- clean house 🏡
- do laundry 👕
- figure June budget and bills 💵
- go to the bank and post office 🏤
- pay bills 🖃
- grocery shop 🛒
- work from home as I have time (data entry) 💻
- work in the garden 🌱
- make a batch and freeze chive butter 🧈
- deep clean kitchen (still haven't made it...maybe this week) 🥘

Roses From Our Son and Dil's Garden

This week's menu plan...

Monday - Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, and chips 🍔🌭
Tuesday - Homemade chicken noodle soup and toaster cheese sandwiches 🐔
Wednesday - Turkey sausage, sautéed peppers and onions, and biscuits 🦃
Thursday - Lasagna (freezer), cucumber and tomato salad, and Sue Gregg's Good Earth Rolls (freezer) 🍅
Friday - Turkey breast cutlets (freezer), baked potatoes, and oven-roasted carrots 🦃
Saturday - Broccoli-cheese soup with Sue Gregg's Good Earth Rolls (freezer)
Sunday - Leftovers

Also there are a few things in the fridge that I don't want to forget to use up, so will make my notes here: 

- strawberries (sliced and sweetened with stevia)
- avocadoes (diced and served with scrambled eggs for breakfast)
- mandarin oranges (with breakfast and snacks)

Brown Thrasher

That's it for today, Ladies! Have a beautiful Memorial Day and a great week ahead!

Until next time...

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