Monday, September 20, 2021

Master To-Do List and Menu Plan Monday - September 20, 2021

Greetings, Dear One! It's Monday! 💗 (In fact, it's the last Monday of summer! 🌞 And I am so looking forward to fall!!!) 🍁

Right now it's warm...72 degrees with a high of 90 expected, but, tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be really nice...highs in the lower-70's with overnight lows in the upper-40's. I love it! 😆

How are you? And how was your week and weekend?

Monarch on Dogwood

I'm still working on the kitchen floor here. I honestly thought I had enough tile to finish it, but ended up about a half-dozen tiles short. Once again, I am awaiting delivery. The tile was scheduled to arrive on Saturday, but was delayed; now they're saying Tuesday. Hopefully, by Wednesday, at the latest, I'll finally be done with it. Then, I can start think about trim-work.

I did lay the new rug and didn't like it all. I returned it to Home Depot and got my money back. The floor looks so nice with the tile that I don't think I need a rug now anyway...other than maybe a cute little seasonal rug to lay in front of the sink and stove or something like that? We'll see.

I got a nice surprise Thursday evening when Amanda (youngest daughter) and her family showed up late. They were on their way home from a mini-vacation and weren't ready for the trip to end, so they drove way out of their way to come here and spend the night. We met up with a couple of the other siblings and enjoyed a lovely lunch at Mary's before Amanda and Aaron ended their trip and returned home Friday afternoon. It was a wonderful surprise!

Grandsons' Silas, Isaiah, and Dante joined me for supper Friday evening and we went for a drive through the park (Prairie State Park). We enjoyed observing the bison herd from the road and ended up taking a short night hike under a nearly-full moon on Sandstone Trail. It was beautiful!

Bison Silhouetted Against Darkening Sky

The two older boys and I returned the next afternoon to hike a little further in the daytime to see what we could see. The very late-summer-season prairie was gorgeous!

Hiking Sandstone Trail @ Prairie State Park

Saturday evening I joined the family up town to check out our town's annual fall festival. By the time we arrived there wasn't much going on. We took a quick tour of Main Street then watched the parade. Afterwards, I came home and collapsed. 😆 

Now, here we's Monday and time to get on with a brand new week. One filled with it's own set of adventures, blessings, and challenges, I'm sure! Let's get on with it...shall we?

Hummingbird on Yucca

This week's master to-do list...

- work 💲
- clean house 🏡
- do laundry 👚
- walk 👟
- clean and organize the fridge 🍅
- read 📘
- do some card and letter writing ✍
- blog 💻
- enjoy an evening of games with family 🎲
- finish tiling the kitchen floor ⬜
- celebrate and enjoy the first day of fall 🍁
- visit the Louisburg Cider Mill with son, dil, and grands 🍎

New England Aster

This week's menu plan...

Monday - Stuffed banana peppers in sauce over spaghetti squash (freezer) with odds and ends from the fridge (a leftover oven-roasted carrot, mini-cucumber slices, and a biscuit)
Wednesday - White Chicken Enchiladas with avocado slices and sauteed spinach
Thursday - Broiled salmon with baked sweet potato, sauteed spinach, and a slice of homemade French bread
Friday - Breakfast for supper
Saturday - ? 
Sunday - Leftovers

Well...that's it for today! As soon as I wrap things up here, I'm headed to work. Have a nice day and a great week ahead and I'll be with you again soon. 

Until next time...

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  1. I love all of your pictures. That park looks amazing. I'm in Southern Illinois so we may have to check that out something.

  2. Well so happy the kids popped by unexpectedly to cheer you, family is everything.

  3. Lovely pictures. And love chicken enchilades.


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